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Month: October 2017

carpet cleaning NH

Everyday Spot Removal and Carpet Cleaning Tips

Written by jsolloway on . Posted in Blog, Carpet, Tips and Advice.

Does your home or business have carpeting? Have the carpets lost their cleanliness and visual appeal to the point where they resemble a mixture of dirt spots and stains? If so, you are not alone. Many New Hampshire (NH) property owners suffer with unsightly carpets that are sprinkled with coffee stains, remnants of mud puddles and/or imbedded pet hair. While your carpets may have seen better days, the good news is that a thorough cleaning can help restore your carpets and assist in removing those pesky, unwanted spots that are keeping your carpets from looking and feeling like new.

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Cleanup After a Flood - Portsmouth, NH 03801

Cleanup After a Flood – Portsmouth, NH 03801

Written by jsolloway on . Posted in Blog, Case Study, Water Damage.

Spring thaw: a term that is no stranger to New Hampshire (NH) residents, but what exactly does it mean? How will it impact your Portsmouth, NH home or business? When should you prepare? According to Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), spring thaw typically occurs during the early spring months, when increasing temperatures give way to melting snow and ice. Since the ground is still frozen during this time, the melting snow cannot be absorbed into the ground; therefore, runoff from bodies of water (lakes, streams, ponds, etc.) can cause quick flooding and costly damage to structures. Is your home or business prepared for the annual NH spring thaw? If not, you may need to prepare to cleanup after a flood.

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Cleaning Fire Damage - Epping, NH 03042

Cleaning Fire Damage – Epping, NH 03042

Written by jsolloway on . Posted in Blog, Case Study, Fire, Smoke, & Odor Damage.

Fires are a devastating disaster that no New Hampshire (NH) family ever wants to experience. The overwhelming emotions and stress surrounding the cleaning fire damage process and next steps can leave a family feeling defeated and exhausted. The experts at Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration Services know how difficult the cleanup process is after a fire. When cleaning fire damage our crews work promptly and diligently to ensure the restoration process is performed to the highest of standards. Whether your home or business has experienced a fire due to an unattended candle, clogged dryer vent, overheated appliance or even a cooking mishap, the professionals at Soil-Away are here for you.

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flooded house cleanup merrimack NH

Flooded House Cleanup – Merrimack, NH 03054

Written by jsolloway on . Posted in Blog, Case Study, Water Damage.

When you’re a property owner, projects and remodeling tasks may seem inevitable. Kitchen tile in your home may become outdated, appliances might need to be upgraded to keep up with every day needs or perhaps the landscaping at your business has fallen flat and needs to be spruced up a bit. While projects and remodeling tasks may seem like an endless list of “to-do” items for your New Hampshire (NH) home or business, one project that may not have made the list is flood damage cleanup. The need for flooded house cleanup services can occur at any time, for a multitude of reasons, and can result in costly damages and repairs. Is your home or business ready in the event of an unexpected flood? For one NH resident, a flooded garage was not on his home’s “to-do” list.

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