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Textiles and Soft Contents Restored After a Fire or Flood

Some of the items that are dearest to us can be the most challenging losses after a fire or flood.  These may include sentimental items of clothing, blankets, purses or a child’s stuffed animal.  Textiles and soft contents like these present a unique challenge during the restoration process.  They can hold dirt and grime from the disaster, while also becoming a breeding ground for bacteria.  A simple wash of these items will do little to get the item deep-cleaned, eliminating any concerns over lingering bacteria.  Instead these soft contents should be specially cleaned and restored by a professional like Soil-Away.

Textile and Soft Contents Can Now be Fully Restored

The restoration team at Soil-Away utilizes the Esporta Wash System for all textile and soft contents cleaning after a fire or water damage.  This technology is more thorough than traditional laundering, with the capability of cleaning to food grade level.  This means that you no longer have to throw away clothing, linens or stuffed animals after these items are damaged.  In the past this level of cleaning was simply not attainable.  With Esporta technology, textiles and soft contents can be fully restored to their pre-disaster condition and any concerns about bacteria are eliminated.

Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning Option

Esporta technology does not employ any harsh chemical or treatments.  All items cleaned using this technology are safe to have directly against your skin.  This includes everyday clothing, bedding and even stuffed animals.  You can be confident that there are no lingering harsh chemicals left behind, all while thoroughly cleaning the items to their pre-damage state.

This technology allows those affected by a fire or flood to keep their belongings, restored and in pristine condition.  This is a big step toward making you and your family whole again after a disaster.  The familiarity of having your belongings back can go a long way to offering you hope and joy through an otherwise difficult period.  Even items that were deemed as lost with soot and smoke damage, can often be restored using this cutting-edge technology.

Soil-Away uses the Esporta Wash System for all textile and soft contents cleaning.  This allows us to confidently restore a homeowner’s belongings.  After a fire or flood has damaged your home and its contents, contact the restoration team at Soil-Away.  Call 603-641-6555.

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