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mold remediation bedford nh

Selling a House with Mold – Bedford, NH

The potential is there for mold to be found in nearly every home. Where there is any amount of moisture, mold can grow. However, the real estate community has become more and more aware of severe mold concerns. Mold can cause health problems and considerable liability issues for the sellers of homes containing mold. Selling a house with mold can cause many complications.

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Buying a House with Mold – Salem, NH 03079

Buying a House with Mold – Salem, NH 03079

You’ve endured a long, tiring, but exciting search for the perfect home. You’ve finally found one; great location, the right amounts of rooms, ideal size, and flawless scenery from all areas of the house. You’ve decided this is the one! Then you discover your perfect Salem, NH dream house is infected with mold. Don’t fret too much! Buying a house with mold may not be as bad as you think. While there are some negative effects of mold, you may still be able to remedy your problem and not have to...

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removing mold bedford nh

Removing Mold – Bedford, NH 03110

Dealing with mold in your Bedford, New Hampshire home can be stressful. When the problem is first discovered there are always more questions than answers. Have confidence that there are caring and competent professionals who can help with removing mold from your property. The team at Soil-Away is ready to serve 24/7 and specializes in mold remediation services. Below is a quick case study of a family dealing with a mold removal project while selling their Bedford house. We worked with the client...

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Mold Remediation Contractor – Bow, NH Soil-Away

Mold Remediation Contractor – Bow, NH

Finding the right mold remediation contractor to service Bow, New Hampshire (NH) can be a daunting task. In doing research, consumers will find several options. There will be everything from large national franchises to small mom-and-pop operations. Some companies are great while others leave much to be desired. One recent client was very pleased when they hired Soil-Away. Their initial experience looking for a mold remediation contractor was less than pleasant. Soil-Away turned the whole experience...

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Mold Removal Contractor – Derry, NH SOILAWAY

Mold Removal Contractor – Derry, NH

Residents of Derry, Londonderry and Hudson New Hampshire (NH) trust Soil-Away as their go-to mold removal contractor. Soil-Away has been performing mold remediation services for over 25 years in south/central NH and northern MA. The firm is IICRC certified and has a wide array of solutions for mold problems. This case study gives a simple example of how Soil-Away stepped up in a serious time of need. A Derry, NH homeowner was in a bind and needed a professional mold removal contractor fast. 

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