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Tag: mold prevention

Mold growing in the corner of a bathtub shower

The Most Common Locations For Home Mold Growth

Out of all of the problems that homeowners would want to deal with, we’re willing to bet mold growth isn’t high on the list! Especially since it is one of the world’s most common allergens, it’s not to be taken lightly. It can even cause structural issues if it is allowed to spread! The best way to avoid any of the problems associated with mold growth is through prevention. Knowledge is key for this purpose, so you should have an idea of where mold most commonly grows. We’ll give you a guide...

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Mold remediation and content cleaning NH

Preventing Mold Growth on Stored Items

During the holidays your home seems to have grown smaller. Between parties, gifts and decorations stuff just accumulates. It’s time to do some purging to make space. Out with the old – in with the new! However, sometimes it’s difficult to part with some of the old. Let’s face it, some old stuff could prove to be quite valuable or sentimental. Those items should probably be put away for safe keeping. But this could prove trickier than you first thought. Looking back on some of your old items that...

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