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Tag: Esporta Wash System

Can My Clothes Be Cleaned After a Fire?

Clothing and other soft contents, such as stuffed animals, can be cleaned after a fire’s smoke and soot have damaged them.  Using patented technology, the Esporta iS4000 Wash System is able to not only remove any debris and odors, but it can also sanitize the items.  This process ensures that soft contents are safe to be on your body after a fire, removing the underlying bacteria and grime.

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Soil-Away Effectively Restores Soft Contents

For publications wishing to pick up our press releases, we will post them on our blog. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 1, 2018 For more information, contact: Soil-Away 5 Eastpoint Drive Hooksett, NH 03106 TEL: 603-641-6555 E-MAIL: Soil-Away Effectively Restores Soft Contents for Homeowners and Businesses Affected by a Fire or Flood

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