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Mold Removal in Attic – Bedford, NH 03110

Mold Removal in Attic – Bedford, NH 03110

It was a Thanksgiving night when a Bedford, NH dad decided to go up to the attic to retrieve the Christmas decorations. As he opened the hatch to the attic, he got a strange whiff of a musty odor coming from somewhere in the darkness. He pulled the light switch to uncover a horrible and horrendous sight. Black mold had begun to collect in clusters on the attic ceiling. He climbed down the stairs to retrieve his phone to contact someone for assistance in eliminating the problem. There was instant...

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In the Heat and Cold, Your Attic Can Have Mold – Part II

The attic is a space in your home that you may not venture up to very often. If you’re anything like me, you brave the dark, extremely hot or extremely cold (depending on the time of year) area a few times per year, and that is more than enough! Since the attic is a location in your home that does not get as much traffic as the living room or kitchen, issues such as mold may go unnoticed for quite some time. Mold is one of those words that make New Hampshire (NH) homeowners cringe, as dollar signs...

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Mold Removal- Salem, NH

Mold Removal – Salem, NH

The need for mold removal services at your property can be a serious issue. The presence of mold often raises several concerns. Mold is often the result of unwanted water infiltration or excessive humidity. The source of moisture must always be addressed on every mold removal project. The next step is to remediate the mold itself. Soil-Away is certified and specializes in mold remediation services for south/central New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts. Below is a brief summary of a mold removal...

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