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Summer’s High Humidity Can Lead to Mold Growth: What You Need to Know

With summer finally here, the temperatures and humidity levels are already soaring. This is great for a day at the beach or lounging at the pool, but these warmer temperatures also encourage mold growth. Mold loves warm, humid areas and can quickly spread during the summer months, as the weather provides the perfect climate.

Keep an eye on these areas of your home, which are very common locations for mold to grow.

Bathroom. Mold loves the high humidity levels in the bathroom. The shower and bathtub are prime locations for mold growth. You should also check behind the sink, toilet, and the walls and floor for any sign of mold. You can prevent this by using a fan during showers and keeping the surfaces and counter in the bathroom dry at all times.

Kitchen. Plenty of moisture in the kitchen makes this another room that is susceptible to mold growth. Check around and under the kitchen sink, where the most moisture and potential for mold are often found. Old food in the refrigerator can also cause mold. Food spills that are not cleaned up immediately in the microwave and stove can create optimal conditions for mold growth. You can keep your kitchen mold free by keeping the area clean and dry, not allowing dishes to pile up in the sink and regularly cleaning and purging the refrigerator.

Basement. This area of the home is most prone to leaks and moisture accumulation, making it a prime culprit for mold growth. Check around pipes and ductwork, and windows or vents. You can help prevent mold growth by running a dehumidifier and waterproofing the basement. Fixing any drainage issues and/or installing a sump pump will also help manage moisture and water intrusion issues.

Attic. The warmth and lack of ventilation in attics make these areas vulnerable to mold. This growth can occur in the insulation or around soffit vents. Ensure that your home’s attic is well ventilated. Properly designed attics are meant to breathe and expel humidity. An attic that lacks ventilation or is improperly insulated is prone to mold growth. Lastly, monitor and repair any roof leaks that allow for water damage in the attic.

Windows. Condensation can collect on your windows and window sills, making these ideal conditions for mold growth. Monitor your home’s windows. Something like a weakened seal could allow for this condensation. Repairing that minor detail can help prevent mold.

Fabric and Upholstery. When couches and curtains become moist and aren’t immediately dried out, they can become susceptible to mold growth. You may notice a musty odor, which could indicate mold. If you have upholstery or furniture in an area of your home with elevated humidity levels, surface mold growth may occur.

Mold can not only be unsightly, but it can also lead to some very serious health concerns particularly for those with allergies or respiratory problems. If you do find mold in the home, you should take immediate action to remove the mold thoroughly to prevent any spores from spreading through the air.

Mold removal can be a challenging undertaking. The mold remediation teams at Soil-Away are here to help 24/7, 365 days a year. If you find mold in your home, contact Soil-Away at 603-641-6555 to be sure the mold is removed safely and correctly.


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