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Storm Damage Cleanup- Portsmouth, NH

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Storm damage cleanup needs were extensive. Portsmouth and the surrounding towns were pummeled with high winds and heavy rains. Near hurricane conditions wreaked havoc throughout the historic New Hampshire town. Insurance claims for property damage were being submitted in droves. Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration was busy performing storm damage cleanup services throughout the Portsmouth area.
In most cases storm damage cleanup projects typically involve tree damage. Soil-Away’s current assignments in Portsmouth were no exception. Branches and limbs had crashed through windows and roofs. Driving winds forced heavy rains into the punctured homes. This caused severe water damage to the interiors. Soaked ceilings, walls, and floors were common. Both the exterior and interior of homes had sustained damage from the storm.
First steps in the storm damage cleanup process focus on safety and security of the property. This this case Soil-Away had to coordinate tree removal, tarp roofs, and board up windows. This stage proved challenging in Portsmouth. Many of the homes are in tight quarters. They had limited working space around the home. Regardless of the obstacles, Soil-Away was still able to secure numerous homes in the area. It was all done within hours of the initial emergency call.
Once the Portsmouth properties were secured, repairs were coordinated. Exterior repairs to the roof, siding, and windows were underway shortly after the storm. Storm damaged building materials were removed from the existing property and disposed of. Replacement building materials were installed by qualified contractors. Soil-Away storm damage cleanup technicians simultaneously worked to restore the water damaged interior. Caved in ceilings and walls were cut out. Destroyed carpets and wood flooring were removed. Bag after bag of debris were hauled out to the dumpsters. Once the interior demolition was completed, a full clean of the areas was conducted. The remaining structure was dried by commercial air movers and dehumidifiers.
Balancing multiple storm damage cleanup projects is no easy task. No two situations are the same. To help navigate the challenges, Soil-Away project managers were made available 24/7 to communicate with homeowners and insurance property damage adjusters. Portsmouth homeowners were updated daily on the recovery of their homes. The Soil-Away office team helped the policy holders process their claim with the insurance company. This greatly reduced the stress of the situation. Storm damage cleanup project managers met with insurance adjusters on site to evaluate damages and needed repairs. Soil-Away submitted photograph documentation of all phases of the jobs to the insurance companies.
The combination of high winds and heavy rain can cause a lot of property damage. Trees or limbs can fall on houses. Siding or gutters can get pulled off homes. Once the exterior of a property is compromised, it opens the door for other issues. Interior water damage can soon follow. Coastal towns such as Portsmouth, NH are susceptible to such occurrences. The need for a qualified storm damage cleanup company becomes imperative. It is important to build a relationship with such a firm before anything happens. Make sure they have the necessary qualifications, certifications, and insurance. Portsmouth homeowners do not want to be stuck with an under qualified or inadequate storm damage cleanup company in their home.

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