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Spring Cleaning: Mold Remediation After Winter

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Spring cleaning is a universal experience here in New England. You can probably think of a list the length of a CVS receipt of all of the chores you are ready to tackle after the harsh weather and strange spring we have been having. Though the first thing that comes to mind may be getting rid of old junk around the house or power washing your exterior, there is one spring cleaning task that should take precedent over the rest; mold remediation. 

Follow along as the mold remediation specialists at Soil-Away go over exactly how to tackle any mold in your home that may have formed during the transition from winter to spring. 

How to Recognize Moisture

During the winter months, water can seep into your home from snow, rain, or any condensation caused by changing temperatures. Small cracks are inevitable and most of the time, not visible, allowing moisture to leak in. The more prolonged moisture is able to sit, the more mold will thrive and grow in those conditions. It is crucial that if you are noticing any water spots or damage around your home, it is taken care of immediately. 

Common Signs of Mold Growth

Most of the time, you are not suspecting that mold is growing in your home when you are taking good care of it. However, all mold needs to grow is a bit of moisture and dark surroundings. If you notice any of the following, there is potential for mold. 

  • Water stains on walls or ceilings
  • Black staining
  • Paint or wallpaper peeling
  • Musty odor

Seek Professional Help

Mold removal is no task for an average homeowner. Because mold can cause an abundance of health issues due to microbial contamination, it is imperative that you seek professional remediation services once any spec of mold is found in any area of your home. 

How to Prevent It

The best way to prevent mold growth during the winter to spring transition is to keep the dark spaces like your attic and basement as dry as possible to avoid moisture.

Call Soil-Away Today

Once you notice any of the above signs of mold growth, be sure to call the expert remediation team at Soil-Away as soon as possible. Our professional team has been performing mold removal and remediation services since 1990! Give us a call today at (603) 641-6555 or fill out our online contact form!

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