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Soil-Away Cleaning & Restoration Services specializes in water, flood, fire, and smoke damage restoration in the Salem, New Hampshire (NH) area. Local residents and business have trusted Soil-Away for twenty-five years to help them recover from property damage and disaster. Contact us immediately for 24/7 emergency cleaning and restoration services.

Salem property owners also look to Soil-Away to provide indoor air quality solutions for their buildings. Soil-Away’s team of certified mold remediation technicians, air duct cleaners, and carpet cleaning crews help achieve cleaner indoor environments. Below are a few examples of projects we have recently completed in Salem.

Water Damage Restoration

A second floor laundry room is quite convenient for a family of five. Unfortunately it can cause quite a mess in the event of a malfunction. This was the case with a North Salem home off of Zion Hill Road. The washing machine drain hose split causing water damage to the laundry room and the living room below. Soil-Away was contracted to perform water damage restoration of the affected areas of the home. They cleaned, dried and rebuilt the damaged areas.

Emergency Fire Damage Restoration

A pellet stove malfunction caused severe fire damage to a home off of Dyer Avenue. Firefighters pumped water into the burning structure. Soil-Away’s emergency fire damage restoration team was called in to board-up and secure the home. The following weeks consisted of property demolition, structural drying and deodorization. Rebuild crews worked to repair the remains of the salvageable structure. The family was moving back into their home within two months of the fire.

Certified Mold Remediation

Attic mold was discovered during the home inspection. The sellers had their house on the market for over ninety days and were anxious to sell. The young buyers were really concerned about the mold as they had just had a baby. The buyers would only approve the mold removal work if it was performed by a certified mold remediation contractor. Soil-Away was hired and performed the services within the small window of time they were given before closing. The sale went through and everyone was happy.

Local Carpet Cleaner

Using local vendors was a major concern for a Styles Road business. They avoided franchises and national corporations whenever possible. This was the case when they needed to get their office carpets cleaned. Their choice for a local carpet cleaner was Soil-Away. They knew Soil-Away was family-owned and operated and was not part of a national franchise or chain. By hiring Soil-Away for the carpet cleaning they were supporting local business.

Certified Duct Cleaning Service

Savvy consumers know that they should only hire a NADCA certified firm to perform air duct cleaning at their property. This was the case with one Salem family in need of services. After a quick online search they discovered that Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration was a certified duct cleaning service in their area. Soil-Away came in and did a full cleaning of the home’s entire HVAC ventilation system. Dust, dander, and debris were removed drastically improving indoor air quality.

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