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Preventing Fires: Kitchen Safety Tips this Holiday Season

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This is the time of year when families come together often to enjoy a large meal with one another.  The meal preparation may not always go as planned.  In fact, this is also the time when there is an increase in accidents in the kitchen, including fires.  Taking the necessary safety precautions in the kitchen can minimize the risk of fire, so that everyone can enjoy the holidays together.

Fire extinguisher in the kitchen. 

It may seem obvious but many homes do not have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen, one of the rooms most vulnerable for a fire.  Keeping a small fire extinguisher within easy reach when cooking can make a big difference in the level of damage if a fire does start.

Prevent stovetop and oven fires

One of the leading causes of fires in the kitchen is distraction when cooking.  Stay alert and never leave food cooking unattended.  Rags, paper towels and other flammable items should be kept away from the stovetop. 

Clean the oven before use

The holidays often mean that your oven is working harder, and for longer periods of time.  Built-up grease on the walls and bottom of the oven can raise the risk of a fire.  Taking the time beforehand to thoroughly clean the oven can make a big difference.

When deep frying a turkey, take extra care

Deep frying a turkey can be tricky, upping the risk of a fire.  The cooking station for this should be set up outdoors, at least ten feet from the home.  A fire extinguisher should be kept handy and the fryer should never be left unattended.  Take extra caution when placing the turkey in the oil, as the oil can easily spill onto the burner igniting.

Make sure electrical outlets are up to code. 

All of the extra cooking often means that more appliances are plugged in.  These extra appliances can tax your home’s electrical system.  Checking that the home’s electrical system is up to code and the cords on the appliances are not damaged can help to reduce the risk.

Extinguish candles

Candles can do a great job of setting the ambiance for a family dinner, when used with a little caution.  These should never be in reach of small children or pets, and remember to always extinguish any lit candles before leaving the room.

Babyproof the kitchen. 

If small children will be visiting during the holidays, adding locks on the stove’s knobs can remove any danger that this can present of a fire.  You should also keep hots pots and pans toward the back of the stove, so that they cannot be pulled down. 

Taking the necessary precautions to reduce the risk of fires in the kitchen during the holidays can go a long way to ensuring that everyone has a relaxing and enjoyable time.

If a fire in the kitchen does damage your home, know that the team at Soil-Away has you covered with restoration teams on call 24/7.  Contact Soil-Away at 603-641-6555.

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