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Preparing Your Home for Hurricane Season

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According to the NESEC, the Hurricane season in New England begins in June and continues through the end of November, with August and September as peak months (NESEC). Going through a hurricane is incredibly daunting and can lead to devastation. Though they may not be prevalent where you live, it is essential to do your best to prepare and protect your home and your family. Follow along for preventative measures you can take this hurricane season to prepare your home for the storm. 

Trim Trees

During a hurricane, limbs and branches of trees tend to break off and fly into your home easily. It is crucial to inspect the trees and vegetation surrounding your home to properly trim branches and cut off dead limbs to avoid any part of the tree falling or flying into your home. If you know that a hurricane is coming, it is an excellent idea to remove it altogether and get rid of dead trees in your yard, as they are a serious safety threat. 

Secure Doors and Windows

All doors and windows must be shut, locked, and secured. If you own hurricane shutters, it is time to get those out, or if you do not have them, plywood works just as well. Before a hurricane hits, check to see if you are experiencing leaking from any door or window. If you notice leaking, make sure to get them sealed and secured before the time the storm hits. 

Protect Valuables

Valuables are different for everyone, but whatever yours are, make sure they are placed in a waterproof, leakproof, plastic container during a hurricane. If some things are too valuable to risk, you may want to send them over to a friend or family outside of the storm zone for safekeeping. 

Prep Your Basement

If you typically experience flooding in your basement during a storm (as most homeowners unfortunately do), there are precautions you can take to eliminate as much damage as possible. Make sure there is no clear way for water to get in, have a pump handy, and make sure there are no valuables or anything of importance on the basement floor. 

Contact Restoration Professionals

The damage caused by hurricanes can be devastating. The best thing you can do is prepare your home as best you can before the storm and follow every safety tip in the book. If you have fallen victim to property damage due to a hurricane, make sure you call the expert restoration professionals at Soil-Away immediately. 

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