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Peabody, MA

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Peabody, Massachusetts

When members of the Peabody, Massachusetts (MA) community are struck with property disaster, they turn to Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration. Soil-Away has helped families and business recovery from flood, fire and mold damage for over 25 years. We are available 24/7 to help get you back on your feet. Soil-Away also specializes in providing indoor air quality solutions, including mold removal, air duct cleaning and carpet cleaning.

Peabody, MA recently completed projects

Water Mitigation

After having a frozen pipe burst, a local business needed to deal with a water damage problem quickly. It was very inconvenient as it was peak busy season for their company. On the recommendation of their insurance company, the business owner called Soil-Away to get the water damage cleanup process started. Efficiently and professionally, certified technicians mitigated the water damage that same day. The store was able to open quickly and sales were barely affected.

Fire Mitigation

After faulty wiring resulting in a fire at a local Peabody home, the resident was faced with fire and smoke damage. Having previously hired Soil-Away for carpet cleaning they remembered our property damage restoration division. Within days their house was cleaned and deodorized. The fire and smoke damage was taken care of. The residents were relieved and thankful for the simplicity and professionalism during a fairly trying time.

Mold Cleaning Company

A Peabody school discovered that it had a previously unnoticed mold problem. Since they needed it cleaned as quickly and professionally as possible, to minimize risk to the health of the students and faculty, they contacted us. Our certified technicians took care of the mold with hardly any interruption to the class schedules. The mold remediation passed all post-testing verification protocols the first time rendering the project a success.

Carpet Cleaning Services

A Peabody landlord needed to get the carpet in one of their apartments cleaned professionally after an abusive tenant. Normally, they would handle this on their own, but they decided to give Soil-Away a try. After the carpet was cleaned, they were impressed enough by the job they decided to switch over to having all the carpets professionally cleaned by us in all their apartment buildings.

Air Duct Cleaners

After a small business hired on someone with severe allergies, they decided that they needed to step up with their air duct cleanings. Fortunately, the new employee was experienced with the need for more frequent cleanings, and suggested Soil-Away, as they had very good experiences with us previously. Two certified technicians worked through the night at the office building. The air duct cleaning situation was taken care of quickly and professionally.

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