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Local or National? Preference for a Damage Restoration and Repair Company

A resident of Concord, NH went down to his basement and noticed that there was a flood from the large storm that had just passed through.  Devastated, he knew he must act quickly and hire professionals to come to take care of the water damage. 

At first, he wasn’t sure who to call.  Should he call a local company?  He wasn’t sure about how professional they would be or whether they even had the capabilities to take care of a flood.  On the other hand, a national water damage repair company has handled floods and water damage repairs all over the country. 

It seemed like a no-brainer.  Go with the national company who’s familiar and has taken care of thousands of water damage repairs all over the country.  Surely, they are more recognized and established. 

But that’s not what his neighbors and all the local businesses advised him.  They hold their faith in a local water and fire damage repair company that has taken care of all their damage restoration needs year after year.  They appreciate the locality and the geniality that the company offers to its community. 

It no longer seemed like an easy decision.  The NH resident had to stop, think, weigh his options and make the right decision…

National Companies and Franchises

A national damage restoration company has the benefit of being well-known and appreciated through several television commercials and advertisements.  They’re the ones that are known about before everyone else because they have the catch phrases that will get you to buy in to their company and their needs. They have huge marketing budgets to help with branding.

Most people consider franchises as one big national company.  However, franchises are independently owned and operated, whereas national companies are truly one big company.  Branding doesn’t make this clear to many customers who believe the two are the same, though it is important that customers are well-informed of the business model they may be working with.

Whether you are considering a national company or franchise, make sure to fully understand what services they offer. Some are full-service restoration: cleanup and repairs. Most are just one or the other. Every year more-and-more franchises enter the market. The majority only offer emergency cleanup, which only fits part of your needs.

Consider a Local Disaster Cleanup and Repair Company

A local disaster restoration company will not have the branding of a national company or franchise system.  Customers may question credibility because they are less known. Are their employees as experienced as the employees from a national company? Will the quality of work be as good as the larger companies advertise?

If there is so much hesitation, why would anyone want to commit to a local company?  Well, if you find the right one, it might just be the best solution out of all the options.  A lot of local companies may not be known nationally, but they can still build a reputation regionally. Some local companies offer even more services as the national companies with workers who are just as experienced. You will even find local companies that have been in the business for over 25 years and committed their lives to the restoration industry.  

But what separates the local company from a national one? Some people appreciate the locality of an independent and family-owned company over a national company.  Local companies allow direct contact to the owner rather than contacting a regional manager at a national company.  Furthermore, the money made in a local company will stay in the region and support the local community, unlike national companies and franchises who must pay back royalties to an out-of-state corporate office.

Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration Services, LLC is a local water and fire damage repair company based in New Hampshire that offers services regionally in New England. The company delivers full-service restoration from initial emergency cleanup, contents restoration and reconstruction.  Soil-Away regularly supports dozens of local organizations such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation of NH, Veterans Count, Special Olympics of NH, SNHU Alumni Association, Teen Challenge of New England and the One Day of Community, an annual event designed to support local families with their back-to-school needs.  Not only is Soil-Away there to clean and restore New Hampshire and New England properties, they truly care about community as a company. 

Call Soil-Away Today for Disaster Cleanup and Repairs!

Call Soil-Away today at (603) 641-6555.  Soil-Away offers 24-hour emergency services for water damage, fire damage, mold remediation, soft-contents restoration, air duct cleaning, and reconstruction services.  Whatever you need, our IICRC trained technicians will find the solution and restore your property. Please call us and know we are committed to serving you and our local community.

By A. Phelps

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