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Lawrence, Massachusetts

Handling building problems from dirty carpets to fire damage can be challenging. That’s why Lawrence, Massachusetts (MA) residents trust Soil-Away’s premier cleaning and restoration services. Competent technicians, top-of-the-line equipment and a dedication to serve makes Soil-Away the best choice for 24/7 disaster cleanup in Lawrence.

Lawrence, MA recently completed projects

Water Damage Company

In the rush of the work day, a local business didn’t realize that a pipe in the basement had broken. Water poured into the basement all day and it wasn’t until an employee was closing up that they realized what had happened. After doing some searching online, the business owner found Soil-Away and got the flooded basement cleaned before the damage could get worse. Crews arrived the same day and worked through the night to ensure the business could stay open.

Fire Damage

A fire is a destructive thing, and even after the fire itself the damage is often extensive and difficult to deal with. One family in Lawrence found this out when a blanket that had been left to dry on a heater caught on fire. After the fire was put out, they still had damage to deal with. Their insurance company suggested Soil-Away and so they called us. Our certified technicians took care of the damage quickly, and they were able to move back into their house soon after.

Mold and Water Damage Specialists

While cleaning out a corner of their partially finished basement, a homeowner discovered that water had built up do to cracks in the foundation. This caused hidden mold to grow. Feeling overwhelmed, the homeowner called a friend who had dealt with a similar situation. The friend suggested they call Soil-Away. The mold cleanup service was fast, professional, and the homeowner is now a loyal customer.

Carpet Spot Removal

Carpets can be difficult to maintain on one’s own time, especially when they’re stained. A young homeowner struggled to keep hers clean. She finally decided to try carpet cleaning services when she couldn’t get rid of some stubborn spots on the carpet. Soil-Away’s reputation stood out to her when she did some searching, so she called to schedule an appointment. After a visit from one of Soil-Away carpet cleaning experts the carpets looked as good as new.

HVAC Air Duct Cleaner

HVAC systems run more efficiently and save energy if they are cleaned and their filters are replaced on a regular basis. A local business knew this, but had to look for a new HVAC air duct cleaner due to their regular vendor closing its doors. After bad experiences with two newer companies, the business owner searched online and decided to give Soil-Away a chance. The service was great and a regular maintenance schedule was established.

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