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Is the Smell of Smoke After a House Fire Harmful?

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House fires can be devastating, but the scary part is, the fire itself may not be the most dangerous part. The smoke and smoke odor of fire can be just as dangerous. After a fire, smoke pollution will fill your home, even in areas you would least expect. It can get into every crease and crevice of your home. The smoke and soot will cling to surfaces like clothing and furniture, meaning you will constantly be surrounded. 

You may think what you are experiencing inside your home is just a smell, but it is actually still smoke and soot that has attached to your belongings and home. This can be extremely hazardous and could potentially cause health risks. 

Respiratory Issues 

The chemicals and carbon dioxide of fire smoke can take over all of the oxygen in your home, leaving you with solely toxins to breathe in. They are embedded in your walls, furniture, clothes, and your belongings after a fire. These toxins and chemicals can then enter your lungs when breathing them in, which can result in serious respiratory problems. Even though you do not see the smoke and soot you are breathing in, it does not mean it does not exist. 


If you stay in a home that was affected by fire smoke and soot, it can possibly lead to some pretty serious irritations. Most commonly, the aftermath of smoke and soot can seriously irritate your eyes. Without immediate attention, this could become something more serious. You could also begin to experience irritation of your skin. It is important that if you are feeling any irritation due to the aftermath of a house fire, get it treated immediately. 

Soil-Away Fire, Smoke, and Soot Damage Restoration and Cleanup

The short answer? Yes, the smell of smoke after a house fire can be dangerous and harmful. It is important that if you are experiencing the smell of smoke, remove yourself until your home is completely free of smoke and soot. Soil-Away is proud to provide 24/7 emergency services for fire, smoke, and soot damage restoration. We eliminate the soot and odor that can permeate the surfaces in your home with our highly detailed and specialized cleaning methods. Call Soil-Away today at 603.641.6555.

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