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How to Protect Your Commercial Property From Flood Damage

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You cannot prevent the rain, but you can prepare to deal with flood damage. It is imperative for commercial properties to be equipped with preventative measures when it comes to flooding. Follow these tips to prep your property for flood damage prevention and recovery. 

Assess the Property Location

The first step to preventing flood damage would be to assess the building location. Are you in an area the is more prone to flooding? What bodies of water are you near? Is the building in a lower spot related to the surrounding structures and streets? Does the building or area have any history of flooding? These are all important questions to address when analyzing your flood risk. 

Building Envelope Inspection

Work with structural professionals to deal with vulnerable areas of the exterior of your structure. Have the roofing, siding, windows and foundation inspected. Some basic maintenance to the building envelope can go a long way in preventing water infiltration during a rainstorm or flooding situation. You may need to make a larger capital investment (i.e. basement waterproofing or roof replacement) in the short-term, but the long-term benefits should make it worth it. 


You cannot change the physical location of your property, but you can enhance your landscape in a way that will assist in the prevention of flooding. Ensure that your landscape is allowing water to run away from the property and always have your downspouts facing away from the building. You may also utilize native plants and other vegetation that can help with the drainage of water. 

Get Covered

If you feel as though your commercial property is in an area that is prone to flooding, make sure that you get reliable flood insurance. Many insurance plans do not include flood insurance, so make sure to be aware of the possibility of flooding and get insured accordingly. 

Be Prepared

It is always the best idea to prepare for a flood before it ever happens. Prepare your building for floods well in advance of one ever happening. Be sure to set a plan for everyone in the building to know what to do and the best route to take if there is ever an instance of a flood.


For any further information on how to properly deal with flood damage in your commercial building, call our team at Soil-Away today at 603-641-6555! We are experts in flood damage cleanup and restoration. If you have experienced flood damage to your property and need assistance with restoration, we have incredible services that will ensure your property is back in pre-flood condition.

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