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How to Prevent Mold Growth in the Summer

Written by Casey Shearns on . Posted in .

Summer is here in New England, and while we enjoy most of what the summer months bring, there is one thing that we could all do without; mold! Humid, hot, and moist weather are the perfect combination for mold to grow. Because of the structural damage and potential health risks that mold brings with it, it is imperative to prevent mold from growing before it starts. Take these preventative steps this summer so you can focus on the fun parts of summer, not the mold! 

Keep it Cool 

Mold tends to grow faster in elevated temperatures, especially when combined with a moisture source. On hot summer days, if possible make sure your air conditioning is turned on to ensure the indoor temperature does not rise above 77 degrees. 

Look Out for Moisture 

Even if your air conditioning is kicking and it is quite cool in your home, because of the differing indoor and outdoor temperatures, it can cause moisture in your home. Whether it be caused by temperature difference, cooking on the stove, or taking a hot shower, make sure to wipe off any visible condensation you see as quickly as you can. 

Because moisture is also caused by humidity, it is important to keep humidity under 50%. If your home tends to get more humid than normal it may be a good idea to purchase a dehumidifier to assist in keeping humidity levels low. It is important to make sure that bathroom and kitchen fans are working properly as well. 

Monitor Open Windows When it Rains 

Though it is calming to see and hear the rain, it is not a good idea to keep your windows wide open during a summer rainstorm. If your walls and floors get wet during a nighttime storm, it can lead to mold growth the next day. Keep an eye on the weather forecast and monitor your windows if rain is a possibility to prevent water infiltration into your home. 

Watch Out for Roof Leaks 

A leaky roof during summer rain poses a huge threat for your home and for mold. A tell-tale sign that your roof has caught a leak is any discoloration you may see in your ceiling. Even if you do not outright see water coming through, the discoloration means that it is or was wet. It is crucial to get these leaks fixed by professionals as soon as you see it. 


As mold removal and remediation experts, we know how serious the damage mold can cause can be. That is why we wanted to share these preventative tips to ensure you do not see mold growing in your home this summer. For any further questions or if you are noticing mold in your home, make sure to call the experts at Soil-Away today!

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