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Furnace Puff Back Damage- Concord, NH

The Concord, NH temperatures were slowly dropping. The summer to fall transition was occurring. Nights were frequently in the 40 to 50 degree range. For many Concord homes this prompted their oil furnace heating systems to kick on. As usual, many residents try to stretch out another year without preventative maintenance to their furnace. The threat of oil furnace puff back damage drastically increases. A puff back occurs when the oil furnace malfunctions. The system will spew a fine oily, soot residue into the house. Furnace puff back damage can be extensive.

No one wants to deal with the challenges of furnace puff back damage. A Concord couple was no different. They had just returned from parent weekend at their daughter’s university. She was the last of three kids. They now considered themselves empty-nesters. Exhausted from the three-hour drive, they needed to rest. Simultaneously, they plopped down in the living room. The wife reached for her magazine on the coffee table. The husband snagged the television remote. It did not take long before they both discovered soot on their hands. It was very fine and oily. Confused they both examined the objects in their hands. Confused, they continued to investigate. On the coffee table was a distinct outline where the magazine and remote had been laying. The husband ran his finger across the surface of the table only to discover more soot. Something was wrong.

Thriving on adrenaline, the couple began to investigate the soot issue in their Concord home. They ran in different directions. The husband went to the basement. He seemed to find the culprit immediately. The soot damage was even heavier in the basement. Around the oil furnace were dozens of black cob webs. There was even a light haze in the air. His suspicions were validated. The oil furnace had malfunctioned and they had sustained puff back damage. He called the furnace repair company.

Meanwhile, the wife was upstairs evaluating the soot damage. The furnace puff back damage seemed to affect everything. The home heat ventilation system had carried the soot to all corners of the home. She was discouraged and upset. The fatigue of the busy university visit was not helping. Not wanting to waste time, she called her insurance agent in Concord to check on coverage. Professional restoration cleaning following furnace puff back damage was a covered loss according to her agent. The agent recommended contacting Soil-Away to do the puff back cleaning and claim processing.

Both the furnace repair technician and Soil-Away project manager seemed to arrive at the same time. The Concord couple was grateful for the quick emergency response. They wanted to resolve the furnace puff back damage immediately. The repairman headed straight for the basement. The Soil-Away project manager spoke with the anxious couple. All the details of a puff back damage restoration project were laid out. A top-to-bottom cleaning of the entire structure would take place. They would clean and remove oily soot from ceilings, walls, and floors. Furniture, fixtures, and appliances would also be cleansed of their puff back damage. All the smaller contents of the home would also be cleaned. Soil-Away was also able to save their soft-contents such as clothes, shoes, boots, handbags, and blankets. Those items would be washed in their Esporta soft-contents wash system.

After four days of extensive cleaning by Soil-Away restoration crews the Concord home was back to normal. In fact, it was cleaner than before the furnace puff back damage. The couple could get back to their normal lives. The first thing they did was schedule next year’s preventative maintenance on their oil furnace.

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