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Extreme Heat Can Affect Your Home:

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How to Protect It

The height of summer is officially here, and with it comes the soaring temperatures and high humidity that go hand and hand with these months. While we flock to air conditioners, fans, and even pools to beat the heat, you may not realize the effect that these extreme temperatures and high humidity can have on your home.
Similar to the importance of not letting your body overheat in the summer, it is just as important to not let your home overheat. Hot temperatures and high humidity indoors can have a significant effect on your home, potentially causing the following damage.

  • Warped hardwood floors
  • Swollen doors and windows
  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Unpleasant odor

When the temperatures and humidity soar, you should take some precautions to lower these variables inside your home, not only to make it more comfortable but to prevent damage. An attic exhaust fan can go a long way to getting the air moving, making it less stifling, and thus less likely to cause long-term damage to your home’s structure and your belongings.
Keeping the humidity level of the home in check can also go a long way to preventing damage from high temperatures. A dehumidifier can help to regulate this and reduce the potential for swelling wood, mildew growth and other hazards that go along with the summer months.
Of course, running the air conditioning, either a central system or window units, and fans can also help to bring down the indoor temperature and humidity of your home.
Soil-Away is committed to not only restoring your home after a disaster, but also in keeping your home damage-free. Taking these extra steps to protect your home from the summer heat will go a long way to keeping your home looking and feeling good.

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