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Common Places Mold Will Grow

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Nobody ever wants to see mold in any crevice of their home. Mold can cause severe problems for your health, your belongings, and your home. The worst part about mold? It happens quickly and could be virtually impossible to see in some cases. 

It is unlikely that your whole home is covered with mold, but it is essential to know when mold is in your home. Mold needs a simple combination of temperature, moisture, and a food source to begin wreaking havoc. Follow along to learn more about the most common places in your home that mold tends to grow. 

The Bathroom

Your bathroom constantly has two of mold’s favorite things; heat and moisture. Between the wetness of the sink, toilet, and shower and insufficient ventilation, mold takes advantage. To prevent mold from starting to grow in your bathroom, make sure to keep an eye on all sources of moisture, even the pipes under the sink. Ensure that you always allow for proper ventilation after showering or taking a bath to avoid any humidity lingering. 

The Attic

Heat rises, which means one of the hottest rooms in your house is your attic. It is extremely common for homeowners to experience mold growth in their attic. Attics are typically poorly ventilated, covered in dust, packed with storage, and moisture tends to seep through the roof. That combination of things in your attic creates a perfect feeding ground for mold.  You are rarely in your attic, which means mold can be growing, and you may have no idea. Make sure that you check out your attic every so often for mold to prevent it from becoming a massive problem. 


Like the attic, your basement is dark and damp, perfect for mold. There tend to be small cracks in the flooring and walls of your basement, allowing moisture to seep in and increase humidity levels. Lack of sunlight, moisture, and humidity causes mold to grow. To prevent this, do your best to seal any cracks you see in your basement to stop any moisture from getting in. You should also be checking your basement every once in a while to check it out for mold growth. When doing those checks, it will also be helpful to try to circulate the air down there for a little while. 

Get Rid of Mold with Soil-Away

If you are experiencing mold growth in any room of your home, make sure to call the remediation specialists at Soil-Away immediately. We have over 30 years of experience in mold remediation and are fully ready to come and completely remove the mold from your home. To set up remediation services, give us a call today at (603) 945-8473.

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