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Bow, New Hampshire

Residents of Bow, New Hampshire (NH) know the best choice for water, fire and mold damage cleanup is Soil-Away Cleaning & Restoration Services. Soil-Away is IICRC master-certified and has been a trusted partner in the Bow community for 25 years. If disaster strikes your property, look no further than the team of damage restoration experts at Soil-Away. We are available 24/7 to serve your emergency needs.

To help keep your property clean and maintained contact Soil-Away. We specialize in HVAC air duct cleaning and carpet cleaning. Both services will help improve the indoor air quality of your property. Soil-Away services both residential and commercial clients throughout the entire community of Bow.

Bow, NH recently completed projects

Water Damage Clean up

– Water was dripping down the walls. The basement was soaked following the malfunction of the home’s water purification system. A hose connection sprung loose overnight and flooded the basement. Soil-Away was called in to perform water damage clean up services. Crews arrived at the Bow home within two hours of the initial call. The excess water was quickly extracted. Specialized equipment was installed to dry the basement structure. The quick response and proficiency of the technicians minimized the damage.

Fire Restoration Companies

– Shortly after the fire department left the scene, three different fire restoration companies arrived at the smoke damaged home. These “fire chasers” were pursuing the homeowner to try and obtain the cleanup business. Fortunately the homeowner already had a relationship with Soil-Away and kicked the “fire chasers” off his property. Soil-Away cleaned the entire house and contents from top to bottom. They eliminated the smoke odor and soot damage. Work was completed on time.

Mold Inspection Company

– The kids were starting to suffer periodic illness and physical discomfort. Simultaneously, the family detected a musty odor on the second floor of their home. Their instincts told them to hire a mold inspection company to investigate. Mold was discovered in the attic above the bathroom. The vent fan was distributing moisture directly into the attic causing mold to grow. Soil-Away was hired to perform professional mold remediation services. The remediation was completed which was followed by post-verification testing. Soil-Away’s remediation passed. More importantly the children’s illness subsided shortly after.

Carpet Cleaning Company

– The holiday party was one to remember. Over 100 family members and friends spent an evening celebrating. The hosts were the talk of the town. Unfortunately, the host home received its fair share of abuse. Over two dozen new spills were found on the newly installed carpets. The host knew which carpet cleaning company to call. Soil-Away had been cleaning their carpets annually for the past fifteen years. They were quick to respond after the call and successfully removed all the spots. The carpets looked new again.

HVAC Duct Cleaning

– The in-laws were coming into town for the first time in five years. Our clients were busy scrambling to prepare their home for the two week visit. The in-laws were extremely allergic to pets. The dogs had to be boarded for two weeks. The entire home needed to be thoroughly cleaned. This included HVAC duct cleaning. Soil-Away worked to clean the entire system. They removed pet hair, dander and accumulated dust from all the ducting. The indoor air quality was drastically improved. The in-laws and our clients were extremely pleased.

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