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Basement Mold Remediation

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Moisture-prone areas and limited sunlight make optimal conditions for mold growth.  These conditions are often seen in basements, where mold can easily grow and thrive in dark corners unnoticed.  Once discovered, it is important that the mold is removed, taking into consideration your health and the spread of the spores through the air during the process.  A company experienced in mold remediation can ensure that this is done properly.

Understanding Mold Spores

Mold can travel through the air via spores that are unseen to the naked eye.  This ability makes mold remediation challenging for anyone unskilled in the process.  This can result in the mold being not fully removed from the area and cross-contaminating other areas of the home.  Mold spores can also attach to clothing, traveling through this means.

When removing mold, it is important that the proper attire is worn.  Depending on the type of mold that you are dealing with, this may require protective gear.  Even in the more harmless species of mold, precautions should be taken to prevent any cross-contamination to other areas.  This includes disposing of or laundering all clothing immediately after the removal is complete.

Since mold spores can travel through the air, it is important that the heating and air conditioning be properly contained or diverted during the removal process.  This will limit the mold’s ability to travel via the air recirculating throughout the home.  Sealing off the area where the mold is being removed using plastic sheets can prevent the mold from affecting the rest of the home.

Removing the Mold in the Basement

It is obvious to remove the mold that you see on the surface.  However, many times the mold growth goes deeper than what you see.  In the case of flooring, the growth may have penetrated the subfloor.  To ensure that it is fully removed, this often requires you to remove and dispose of the flooring.  If the mold growth is on the walls, the drywall and insulation may be affected.  By cutting into the wall you can see the full extent of the problem.

It is critical that basement mold remediation be done properly, taking the extra precautions to remove all of the mold while reducing any spores from traveling through the air.  A professional mold remediation company like Soil-Away, can ensure that this is done correctly.

If you discover mold in your basement, contact the professionals at Soil-Away.  Call 603-641-6555.

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