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Most Common Causes of House Fires

Fires are probably one of any homeowner’s biggest fears. They are typically unexpected and can be devastating to your home and precious belongings. Fires tend to spread quickly and easily, making them extremely dangerous. Because of the damage a house fire could cause, it is imperative to be aware of how you could prevent a fire from breaking out in your home. Follow along to learn more about the most common causes of housefires so you and your family can be prepared and equipped.  Cooking The...

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Common Appliance Malfunctions

We all know that appliances do not last forever but appliance malfunctions always tend to take us by surprise. It is crucial to take the best care of your appliances, so they do not end up causing damage, such as starting a fire or possible plumbing issues. We have seen hundreds of residential and commercial fire and water damage situations due to appliance failures. Follow along for a few of the most common appliance malfunctions that can happen to homeowners so you can minimize your risk.  Washing...

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What is Safe to Salvage After a Flood?

No matter the scale of the flood, water entering your home and ruining your things is devastating no matter what. The first thing you want to do after this happens to you is rush inside and save all of your belongings. Proceed with caution and prioritize safety. Consult with building professionals if necessary to eliminate hazards such as electrocution or structural collapse. Once you are back in, you must determine which of your belongings is safe to salvage and which items must be tossed. Here,...

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woman finding mold under her sink

How to Prevent Mold Growth in the Summer

Summer is here in New England, and while we enjoy most of what the summer months bring, there is one thing that we could all do without; mold! Humid, hot, and moist weather are the perfect combination for mold to grow. Because of the structural damage and potential health risks that mold brings with it, it is imperative to prevent mold from growing before it starts. Take these preventative steps this summer so you can focus on the fun parts of summer, not the mold!  Keep it Cool  Mold...

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flooded basement

What to do if Your Basement Floods

Basement flooding is, unfortunately, an incredibly common occurrence in New Hampshire. Whether it is caused by a burst pipe or rainwater, it is something that no one looks forward to finding. When you notice flooding in your basement, you may tend to panic. The most important thing is that you do your best to remain calm and follow these few steps in order to stay safe and save your belongings.  Proceed with Caution and Prioritize Safety When your basement is flooded, your immediate...

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Soil Away Helps a Local Family After a Fire

“After the extinguishment of a recent structure fire, the Bedford Fire Department learned that a young resident of the home had planned to dance in an important recital the following day. The young lady’s dance gear suffered smoke damage and replacements could not be locally sourced. The fire department set out to find a resource that could restore the dance garments to a usable state in less than 24 hours. After numerous phone calls it seemed that there was no one that could help. That’s...

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flooded office

How to Protect Your Commercial Property From Flood Damage

You cannot prevent the rain, but you can prepare to deal with flood damage. It is imperative for commercial properties to be equipped with preventative measures when it comes to flooding. Follow these tips to prep your property for flood damage prevention and recovery.  Assess the Property Location The first step to preventing flood damage would be to assess the building location. Are you in an area the is more prone to flooding? What bodies of water are you near? Is the building in...

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house after flood

Restoring Your Home After a Natural Disaster

The damage natural disasters cause to homes is devastating. There is no definitive way to go about restoring your home after natural disasters; everyone will take it in differently and begin restoration their own way in their own time. Thankfully, there are very helpful tips to help guide you through it. We are going to go into more detail about some steps you will need to take when restoring your home after a natural disaster.  Gather Your Emotions Losing some or all of your home...

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Water Damage Cleanup at a Church in Bedford NH- Commercial Case Study Soil-Away

Listen to Josh Solloway from Soil-Away talk about a successful case study where the Soil-Away crew was able to help a church in Bedford NH re-open on a Sunday after receiving an emergency call at 4am! We were able to safely and effectively clean up water damage to allow the church to continue operations without disruptions. Soil-Away specializes in restoration services to help get your commercial building up and running quickly after a natural disaster.

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men performing mold remediation

How to Remove Mold in Your Commercial Building

You may have experience with mold removal in your home, but commercial mold removal is an entirely different ballgame. Due to the size of commercial properties, mold has much more room to expand and grow than it does in a residence. Mold growth can possibly halt business operations, preventing employees and customers from being able to enter the premises. Because of this, it is imperative that when mold is detected, it is removed immediately.  Here, we will discuss mold removal remedies...

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house smoke

Is the Smell of Smoke After a House Fire Harmful?

House fires can be devastating, but the scary part is, the fire itself may not be the most dangerous part. The smoke and smoke odor of fire can be just as dangerous. After a fire, smoke pollution will fill your home, even in areas you would least expect. It can get into every crease and crevice of your home. The smoke and soot will cling to surfaces like clothing and furniture, meaning you will constantly be surrounded.  You may think what you are experiencing inside your home is just...

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