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Westford, Massachusetts

Soil-Away has been helping families and business recover from flood, fire and mold damage for 25 years. Residents of Westford, Massachusetts (MA) call Soil-Away Cleaning & Restoration when in need of 24/7 disaster cleanup services. We are IICRC master-certified and specialize in dealing with insurance claims.

Members of the Westford community choose Soil-Away because we guarantee our work. We remove built up contaminants from your carpets and HVAC duct system. Extracting dust and debris improve the indoor air quality of your home or business. For HVAC duct and carpet cleaning services, call Soil-Away.

Westford, MA recently completed projects

Water Damage Cleanup

– Following a particularly snowy winter over 2014-2015, many Westford residents suffered damage due to ice dams. As the incoming water from the roof can seep inside walls and ceilings, this particular type of damage can go undetected until tell-tale signs of water damage shows through as water staining. This was the case of a particular Westford homeowner. Thankfully, she called Soil-Away as soon as it was clear they needed water damage cleanup, and our experienced technicians set to work with the restoration by removing the affected ceiling and wall portions, and dried out the underlying structures. This enabled the homeowner to schedule a rebuild contractor to get her home back to pre-damage condition. They were gracious enough to provide Soil-Away a 5 star online review on Google Plus listing the professionalism, cleanliness and compassion of our crew as the primary reason they would recommend Soil-Away to their friends and neighbors experiencing similar ice dam damage

Fire and Smoke Damage

– As is the case with many fire losses, Soil-Away was called to a home in Westford that had been gutted by fire. Though the fire and smoke damage left the home a total loss, their mementos and much of the contents of their home were, in fact, salvageable. That is where Soil-Away came in. With our Esporta Wash System ©, we were able to restore many of their “soft contents”. Clothes, stuffed animals, draperies, bedding, shoes, and irreplaceable items, such as a wedding dress, Christening garments and the like. In addition, we were able to clean their “hard contents” such as dressers, bed frames, tables, chairs, etc.
It is not the four walls that surround you that make a house a home, it is often the items it contains, and Soil-Away can many times restore these priceless items to like-new condition.

Mold Removal

– Sometimes DIY projects end up causing unanticipated issues. A Westford homeowner rented a carpet-cleaning machine from a big box store in order to clean his carpets. Unfortunately, the water used to clean the carpets was excessive and therefore the carpet never dried properly. The homeowner called Soil-Away reporting a “musty smell” coming from the still-wet carpet. Upon inspection, Soil-Away technicians discovered mold growth beneath the carpet and within the carpet padding. For proper mold removal, the carpet, padding and some of the floor beneath had to be removed and disposed of. After being fully contained, and treated the homeowner was able to schedule a flooring company to come in and replace the removed carpeting.
Soil-Away’s prompt and courteous response has turned one Westford do-it-yourselfer into a new carpet cleaning customer.

Carpet Spot Removal

– As part of many rental agreements, many tenants are required to have the carpets in the properties they rent cleaned prior to moving. This was the case for a family renting a property in Westford. They were in the process of moving from a rental home, to a home of their own. Their lease stipulated the carpets be professionally cleaned upon their leaving.
As anyone with kids can attest, there were quite a few areas that needed carpet spot removal in addition to a traditional deep-cleaning. Soil-Away’s professional technicians have successfully removed even the most stubborn of spots, including beverage spills, food blemishes and even ground-in Play Doh!
Many tenants have been able to retain their security deposits simply by having the carpets professionally cleaned.

Duct and Vent Cleaning

– Most of us don’t give much thought to our HVAC ducts. We don’t realize having them cleaned on a regular basis can help keep our energy costs down. It was in the process of trying make their home more energy-efficient, that a Westford couple was referred to Soil-Away by a neighbor who had had their duct and vent cleaning performed by Soil-Away the year before. After Soil-Away technicians utilized a boroscope camera, it was clear to the technician, as well as the homeowners, that a duct cleaning was not only necessary, but would likely significantly improve the air quality of their home. In addition to their duct cleaning, the homeowners elected to have their dryer vent cleaned as well. This too, would increase dryer efficiency as well as reduce their risk of a dryer fire.

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