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Reading, MA

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Reading, Massachusetts

For nearly three decades the residents of Reading, Massachusetts have had their cleaning and restoration needs met by Soil-Away. They know the company is reliable, trustworthy and capable. Whether it is responding to an emergency flood cleanup, remediating a mold problem or cleaning carpets, each project will be handled with the utmost care and concern. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Reading, MA recently completed projects

Flood Damage Repair

A family in Reading found that after on and off flooding of their basement there was a variety of damage — from simple water damage to some mold. A friend of the family recommended they call Soil-Away, since they had previously gotten help with their own flooding issues. Soon after the family called, certified technicians came to the house and took care of all the damages.

Fire Cleaning Services

A local resident found themselves dealing with all sorts of smoke and soot damage after a fire broke out in their home. After interviewing a few different restoration companies, they decided to hire Soil-Away to help with cleaning up the property damage. They were pleased by how quick and efficient the Soil-Away team was at removing all the soot damage and smoke odor.

Basement Mold Remediation

A young woman in Reading was planning to sell a house she had inherited. After a quick inspection of the property she found there was an issue with mold in the basement. It had built up over years of neglect. She performed an internet search for “basement mold remediation” and fortunately found Soil-Away. The experienced technicians at Soil-Away successfully cleaned up the mold and the house was ready to sell.

Carpet Spot Removal

A local retail business decided that they needed to switch their carpet cleaning vendor. Their current cleaner was cutting corners and not achieving the desired results. The boss was given the contact information of Soil-Away by a friend. The business owner decided to give them a try. He was impressed by the Soil-Away carpet cleaning experience and hired them to a long-term floor maintenance agreement.

Certified Duct Cleaning Service

Allergy issues were becoming a big problem for one family. As part of a solution, their medical provider recommended a thorough, professional house cleaning. This included cleaning the HVAC system by a certified duct cleaning service. The goal was to remove excessive dust and debris from their home environment. A local HVAC repair company recommended Soil-Away to perform the cleaning services. They called and scheduled Soil-Away’s NADCA certified technicians to clean the air vents.

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