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North Reading, Massachusetts

Many residents of North Reading turn to Soil-Away when they need 24/7 disaster cleanup services. We are IICRC master-certified and specialize in dealing with insurance claims. Our goal is to help you recover from property disaster as quickly as possible.

In addition to emergency services, Soil-Away also provides professional duct and carpet cleaning services. These services help keep your home or office clean and looking great!

North Reading, MA recently completed projects

Emergency Water Damage Cleanup

– First-time homeowners aren’t always prepared, or know who to turn to when something disastrous happens to their home. One North Reading couple found themselves in a situation where their water heater burst. Never having dealt with something like this before, they ran a search for emergency water damage cleanup and came across Soil-Away’s website. They spoke with the knowledgeable office staff. They were walked through the process from A to Z. The initial conversation put their minds at ease. Soil-Away had a crew of technicians out the same day, and billed their insurance company directly. Being able to talk to a live, trained, professional can make all the difference when homeowners are faced with a serious issue where emergency cleanup services are needed.

Fire Cleanup

–It was Thanksgiving, and a North Reading family tried their hand at deep frying their holiday turkey. Unfortunately, they didn’t place the deep fryer a good enough distance from the side of their home, when an unexpected grease fire melted their vinyl siding. They were able to quickly extinguish the fire themselves, however, they had their sliding door open during the fire and smoke billowed throughout the home. They were looking for emergency fire cleanup ASAP, and after looking at Soil-Away’s website, they discovered Soil-Away is available 24/7 for emergencies, including holidays. We were able to get an emergency crew out the same day and got started with the cleanup process.
No one anticipates an emergency, and they certainly don’t want to wait for service because it happened during off-business hours. Soil-Away’s emergency response team is here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 day per year.

Mold Removal Contractor

– As part of the home-buying/selling process, home inspections are common. What is also unfortunately common are findings of attic or basement mold during these inspections. These concerns need to be handled professionally, and quickly so as not to disrupt the home buying/selling process. When North Reading home buyers or sellers need a mold removal contractor, they often call on Soil-Away. Soil-Away has highly qualified estimators on staff to evaluate your mold issue, as well as provide a detailed report stating the necessary steps to remediate the mold. From there, Soil-Away’s skilled mold removal crews can remediate the mold issue and get you back on track with buying or selling a home.

Carpet Cleaning

– A couple recently bought their first home in North Reading. They were thrilled with their new home, but concerned about the condition of the carpets. They didn’t want to incur the additional expense of replacing the carpet, so they called Soil-Away to provide a carpet cleaning. Soil-Away’s multi-step process takes carpet cleaning to a higher level than many chain cleaners. The carpets were inspected by our trained technicians, and the homeowner’s areas of concern were addressed. The final step in the process includes an application of fabric protectant and a thorough “combing” of the carpet to both fluff up fibers as well as ensure even application of the protectant. The new homeowners were thrilled with the results, and even more thrilled to avoid the expense of replacing the carpets.

Air Duct Cleaner

– While in the process of doing their annual spring cleaning, a North Reading family found themselves in their basement, clearing out items for an upcoming yard sale. While in the basement, their daughter noticed what looked like a filter, heavily clogged with dust and debris. She asked her father what the filter was for, and explained to her it was the filter for their air ducts. Upon the discovery of the filthy filter, it occurred to them they hadn’t had their ducts cleaned in years. While looking for an air duct cleaner, the father remembered seeing a Soil-Away truck in the neighborhood not too long ago, and gave us a call. We were able to schedule his duct cleaning within a week. He was also pleasantly surprised a few days after his cleaning when Soil-Away emailed him before and after photos of his ducts. He now has a standing appointment to have his ducts cleaned annually.

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