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North Andover, Massachusetts

When residents of North Andover, Massachusetts (MA) need services ranging from water mitigation to dryer vent cleanings, and everything in between, they call Soil-Away Cleaning & Restoration.

Soil-Away has been in the business of professional cleaning and restoration for the last 25 years. They are the go-to company for North Andover residents when disasters happen to their home or business.

North Andover, MA recently completed projects

Water Damaged House Repair

– An elderly North Andover woman had massive amounts of snow on her roof. This resulted in ice dams which caused water to leak into her home. Before water mitigation could begin, the ice dams had to be removed. Soil-Away helped her find a reputable local contracting company to clear her roof so that Soil-Away could begin handling the water damaged house repair.

Soil-Away cares about its customers, and when we heard this client’s story, our crews were more than willing to go above and beyond just mitigating her water damage. They assisted in helping her get her roof cleared. It is this level of compassion and professionalism that sets Soil-Away above the rest.

Smoke Damage Cleanup

–Smoke damage isn’t always due to fires. Sometimes furnaces produce what is called a puff back. In a puff back situation, oily, sooty residue is blown through a heating system after a furnace malfunction. Needless to say, any surface or area that is within range of a heating duct is ultimately covered in this residue. In these cases, professional cleaning is necessary. Ordinary household cleaning agents will not only not clean the residue, they can in fact make the situation worse. This was the case with one North Andover family. They had one of these puff back situations and thought they could clean the residue themselves. Unfortunately, never having dealt with this type of home damage, they didn’t realize professional cleaning was called for…until they started the cleaning process on their own. Their use of household cleaners smudged and smeared the residue into larger, more obvious damage. They ultimately contacted their insurance company and were told they needed to hire professionals. After an online search for smoke damage cleanup companies in the North Andover area, they came across Soil-Away and promptly called. We were at their home the next day and started the cleanup process. After three days of floor to ceiling and everything in between cleaning, their home was back to its pre-smoke damaged state.

Mold Remediation Contractor

– When in the process of selling a home, a standard procedure is the home inspection. Many times the home inspection reveals basement or attic mold. This can be a deal-breaker to prospective home buyers, so many people looking to put their home on the market contact Soil-Away as a mold remediation contractor. A North Andover homeowner found herself in this very position. Her home inspector found mold on the beams of her attic. It was determined to have been caused some time ago, before their second floor bathroom was remodeled. The original bathroom had been incorrectly vented, sending bathroom humidity and steam into their attic. This heat and humidity created a breeding ground for mold. Since the underlying cause had been identified and corrected, Soil-Away could come in and perform the remediation. In this case, the mold was not only on the ceiling beams, but within the insulation. Soil-Away’s certified mold removing team removed and disposed of all affected materials in the attic and treated all affected areas. The job was complete. An added perk for a homeowner looking to sell their home, is that Soil-Away’s workmanship is transferrable to the next homeowner.

Carpet Cleaning for House

– When was the last time you has your carpets cleaned? It has likely been a long time, if at all. Carpet cleaning isn’t something we typically think about. With the amazing claims expensive vacuum cleaner manufacturer’s make about how well they clean your carpets, we don’t typically think our carpets need to be professionally cleaned. However, we often forget about that coffee spill, or that pet accident. The truth is, everyday traffic, soiling, and spots are deep in the fibers of your carpets and only a professional cleaning will truly lift them. After their first carpet cleaning in their new home, one North Andover family contacted the office and commented they didn’t even realize their carpet was actually a very light shade of beige. They always thought it was tan! They were thrilled with how the cleaning of the carpet brightened up the room.

HVAC Duct Cleaner

– Recently, a North Andover homeowner called an appliance technician to come out and service his laundry dryer. He reported his clothes were taking three full cycles to dry, and his dryer needed to be repaired. After inspecting the dryer, the technician determined a clogged dryer vent was to blame. He was told he could not use his dryer at all until the ducts were cleared, as the potential was very high of not only burning out the heating element, but the clog could cause a devastating dryer fire.

The homeowner went online searching for an HVAC duct cleaner and found a few local companies. He was thrilled when he called Soil-Away, spoke to a live person, and was given an appointment the very next day. Soil-Away was able to get the client back up and running quickly. They also helped eliminate a potential fire hazard.

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