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Methuen, Massachusetts

For 24/7 disaster cleaning and restoration services, residents of Methuen, Massachusetts (MA) call Soil-Away. Since 1990, Soil-Away has helped families and business recover from water, fire and smoke damage. We are IICRC master-certified and are insurance claim specialists.

For carpet and HVAC duct cleaning services, members of the Methuen community turn to Soil-Away. We extract unwanted contaminants from your carpets and HVAC duct system. Our services can help indoor air quality and aesthetics for your home or business.

Methuen, MA recently completed projects

Basement Flood Cleanup

– As so many of us do, a Methuen homeowner tossed in a load of laundry and headed off to work. Unfortunately, at some point during the wash cycle, the water line into the washing machine split open. Water poured into the basement and wasn’t discovered until someone returned home at the end of the day. After contacting his insurance company, he went on line and searched for “basement flood cleanup”, and Soil-Away was among the search results. After looking at Soil-Away’s website and reading some of our customer reviews, he contacted us. Soil-Away immediately dispatched an emergency water loss team to pump out the water that had accumulated and began the drying out process.

Smoke Damage Cleaning

– A Methuen woman contacted Soil-Away shortly after the passing of her mother. She was planning to put her mother’s home on the market, but had a serious selling-point issue. Her mother was a heavy smoker, and the home was covered with sticky nicotine residue and odor. She needed smoke damage cleaning in order to put the house on the market. Soil-Away specializes in nicotine and smoke odor removal. Our team quickly set to work cleaning the entire home from ceilings to baseboards to floors and carpets. They also deployed an ozone machine. Ozone shock treatment is a powerful method of odor elimination that is utilized in severe odor cases. The entire process took just under a week. The house was on the market shortly after. Odors, particularly smoke odors, are deal-breakers when it comes to attracting potential home buyers. Not only do private sellers in the Methuen area look to Soil-Away for this cleaning and deodorizing service, many local realtors do as well.

Mold Remediation Company

– Mold. It is a scary four-letter-word to many people. Particularly those who are sensitive and/or allergic to it. Due to the potentially harmful nature of mold in a home, a mold remediation company should be IICRC S520 certified (this is a procedural standard and reference guide for the remediation of mold damaged structures and contents). Soil-Away is certified. Mold can arise from many scenarios. A common area where mold is found is in attic spaces. Often times, poorly or incorrectly ventilated bathrooms cause humidity to rise into attic spaces and resulting in microbial growth. This is what happened to a Methuen family. While performing their spring cleaning, they noticed an area of black staining on some of their ceiling beams, and had the area inspected and tested by an industrial hygienist. Their report concluded the staining was mold. As part of their report, they determined the source was the bathroom fan which was venting steam into their attic. Once they had the ventilation issue corrected, Soil-Away was called in to remediate the mold. Once Soil-Away completed the remediation, the industrial hygienist returned and re-tested the area, and deemed the remediation successful.

Local Carpet Cleaning

– Many tenants who are moving on from their current rental units want to collect their deposits upon vacating. Sometimes this calls for a carpet cleaning. When Methuen area residents are looking for local carpet cleaning, they choose Soil-Away. Our seven step cleaning process ensures the carpets will be looking their best.

Ductwork Cleaning

– Apartment complexes with community laundry rooms clean and dry dozens of loads of laundry each day. As you can imagine, this can cause serious dryer duct blockages if not routinely maintained. Soil-Away provides annual dryer vent and ductwork cleaning for many Methuen apartment buildings. This is not only to ensure the quality of dryer efficiency, but to prevent the possibility of devastating dryer fires.

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