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Henniker, New Hampshire

Fire and flood is any homeowner’s worst nightmare, and something that you can only hope will never happen to your residence. If your home is damaged by a fire or flood, you may be left wondering where to turn. Henniker, NH residents can rest assured that a professional company is available to help them if a disaster does strike. Soil-Away’s team is ready to respond 24/7, 365 days a year, giving the homeowner the clear answer of where to turn.

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Emergency Flood Cleanup

A flood in your home is enough to cause anyone to panic, particularly knowing that every moment matters to remove the water and underlying moisture as quickly as possible. By addressing the situation promptly, even more extensive damage to the residence can be averted. Soil-Away’s emergency flood cleanup team is available around the clock, standing by and ready to help.

Fire and Restoration Companies

Even a small fire in the home can leave a big trail of destruction in its aftermath. After a fire, it can be difficult to choose from the many fire and restoration companies to find the right one. Soil-Away has experience dealing with the devastation left behind after a fire in a home, restoring the residence, and getting the homeowners back into their house as quickly as possible.

Mold Repair Companies

When mold is identified in a home, many homeowners are desperate to remove it as quickly as possible. And rightly so, with concerns about spreading, cross-contamination and health issues, time is truly of the essence. It can be difficult to sort through the many mold repair companies that claim to have a fast solution. Soil-Away has experience removing many types of molds, without cross-contaminating other areas, exacerbating health issues for your family.

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