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Groveland, MA

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Groveland, Massachusetts

Residents of Groveland, Massachusetts (MA) have been using Soil-Away for all of their disaster restoration and cleaning service needs. They know that we will do everything we can to make sure the job gets done professionally and efficiently. We are offer 24/7 services for all of your disaster emergencies.

Groveland, MA recently completed projects

Water Damage Restoration Company

An overflowing toilet quickly led to one family’s bathroom and kitchen being completely flooded. After calling a plumber, the family immediately called Soil-Away to extract the water from both rooms and begin the restoration. They were very pleased by the work that was performed by our certified technicians.

Fire & Water

faulty extension cord began to smoke from the overuse of electricity. The cord was underneath a pile of clothes when it set ablaze. The bedroom suffered significant damage, as the fire was not noticed immediately. After the fire was extinguished the landlord of the building called us. He was familiar with our expertise. A certified crew was dispatched and we were able to restore the bedroom and rest of property to its original state.

Mold Detection Services

One resident had been hanging wet clothes in his closet, as his dryer was broken. After doing many loads of laundry he noticed giant black spots on the walls of his closet. He soon found out it was black mold growing due to the damp clothes inside the enclosed space. Soil-Away’s certified technicians were able to remediate the mold damage.

Affordable Carpet Cleaning

A local business decided to perform a little renovation to their office and have brand new carpets installed. The company wanted to make sure they were able to prolong the life of the carpet so they scheduled a monthly cleaning with us. The company has been having our technicians professionally clean their carpets for four years.

Air Duct Cleaners

It is very important to have your air ducts cleaned if someone in the home is highly prone to allergies. The air ducts are an ideal place for mold, fungi, and bacteria to circulate. By having one of our certified technicians come and professionally clean the air ducts it can help eliminate contaminants being spread throughout the property.

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