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Citizens of Bradford, New Hampshire (NH) know we have been a reliable disaster restoration and carpet cleaning company for 25 years. We offer 24/7 services for disaster emergency services. Our IICRC certified technicians can help relieve some stress and take care of your property disaster.

Bradford, NH recently completed projects

Flood Damage Repair Company

While a couple was gone for vacation over a long weekend a pipe burst in the basement. They returned to a flooded basement, which damaged many items that they had in storage. A similar situation happened to a friend of theirs. They suggested contacting the flood damage repair team at Soil-Away. A crew was dispatched to the site shortly after the call to extract the basement, as well as taking the damaged items into temporary storage. The couple was very pleased with the efficiency of the service and this relieved much of the stress the incident caused.

Smoke Remediation

An unattended fireplace located within a family’s living room quickly escalated and led to the rug catching on fire. The fire caused significant damage to the rug, as well as most of the furniture in the living room. Soil-Away was called shortly after to take care of the fire restoration. After several days our crew was able to completely clean the room, take care of the soot damage, as well as the smoke odor.

Mold Remediation Mold Experts

A family did not realize their roof was leaking until it was too late. One of the family members went up to the attic to grab a box and noticed many black spots growing on the underside of the wood sheathing. The leaking roof led to high humidity, which resulted in mold growth. A call to Soil-Away was made right away to prevent any further damage. A certified crew was dispatched the next day to perform the mold remediation services, which only took two days to complete.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

A local business owner decided to purchase an apartment complex and renovate each unit. Upon inspection, he noticed the prior owner allowed pets. The owner did not have the time to clean the carpets himself, as he needed to focus on the renovations that needed to be done. One of his partners referred him to Soil-Away. He made the call and Soil-Away made it possible for him to make the renovations ahead of schedule. Hiring Soil-Away for professional carpet steam cleaning saved him time and money from costly replacement of the flooring.

HVAC Clean

There are many reasons why you should have your air ducts serviced. Some of these are dust build up, allergies, and efficiency. A family moved into an apartment complex that they assumed was pet restricted. After they moved in, they found out that the complex was under new ownership and the prior owner had allowed pets. The family’s daughter was extremely allergic to dogs and could not stop sneezing. After their doctor confirmed it was an allergic reaction, they reached out to the landlord. The landlord immediately called Soil-Away and was able to take care of the harmful issue.

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