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Boxford, MA

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Boxford, Massachusetts

The residents of Boxford, Massachusetts (MA) trust Soil-Away to handle any and all of their disaster restoration and cleaning service needs. Soil-Away has been serving the area for over 25 years and continues to do so with excellence. Soil-Away offers 24/7 services and all of our technicians are IICRC certified.

Boxford, MA recently completed projects

Emergency Water Extraction

As the weather started to warm up, massive snow piles in Boxford started to melt. One resident came home after a long weekend away to find that his basement had been flooded. The water from the melted snow had leaked through the foundation of the house. To prevent further damage he immediately reached out to Soil-Away. A certified emergency water extraction team was onsite within hours cleaning up the flooded mess.

Fire Damage Restoration Company

After a long day at work, an exhausted woman came home to relax and watch television. While lying back on the couch she decided to light up a cigarette. The fatigued woman fell asleep, which caused the cigarette to fall on a stack of papers next to her. The fire quickly caught onto surrounding objects and caused significant damage. Her insurance company brought in Soil-Away to restore the house from the smoke and fire damage.

Mold Contractor

While entering the attic to grab some supplies, a resident found that she noticed a leaking pipe. The result of the leak caused large black spots to grow on the attic walls. The woman began to panic, as the damage seemed quite significant. She quickly searched online for a professional mold removal company. The woman found the number for Soil-Away. A certified crew was dispatched that day and took care of the removal of the mold.

Rug Cleaning Services

A local businessman of Boxford had purchased a large farmhouse. He was going to fix and flip the house for a profit. After making all the arrangement to have renovations done, he realized he still needed to hire a rug cleaning service. The gentlemen had used Soil-Away on his prior projects and decided to bring them in to clean over 1,500 square feet of carpeting in the large house.

Duct Cleaning

It is important to have your HVAC system cleaned every two to three years. This could be more frequent depending on many factors. Some of these may be if the house contains pets, smokers, or individuals that have asthma. Soil-Away NADCA certified technicians can ensure that your HVAC systems are efficiently cleaned.

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