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For most families their home is the most important possession that they own, not to mention that it holds all of their belongings and sentimental items. But what happens if a fire or flood damages your home? No one wants to think about a disaster striking, but if it does residents in Belmont, New Hampshire (NH) can turn to the professionals at Soil-Away. With teams on call 24/7, Soil-Away can help if disaster strikes at home.

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Flood Damage Cleanup Companies

Water in your home is a major concern which can result in both short and long-term damage. When your home floods it is imperative to address the situation quickly. Flood damage cleanup companies, like Soil-Away, can get to work immediately removing the water from the home. Expediting the process of removing all of the moisture and restoring the home can make a big difference in minimizing the damage left behind.

Smoke Damage Cleaner

Many residents that are struck by a fire in their home are often surprised to find that the damage in its wake extends well beyond that which the flames touched. Smoke from a fire can cause a trail of destruction. After a fire you need a smoke damage cleaner that can help to restore your home and salvage your belongings. Soil-Away’s team is skilled in dealing with the aftermath of a fire, addressing the damage left by not only the flames but also the smoke.

Mold Remediation Companies

Mold can grow in any dark, moist area of your home and even worse, it can spread very quickly. After identifying the mold, you need to look at mold remediation companies that can safely remove it without allowing for any cross-contamination. Soil-Away’s team of mold remediation experts are adept at removing the mold, without contaminating the air or other areas of the home during the process.

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