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Andover, Massachusetts

The Andover, Massachusetts (MA) community turns to Soil-Away when in need of cleaning and restoration services. If you have suffered a fire, water damage or a mold damage loss, you can reach out to Soil-Away 24/7 for emergency cleanup services. Soil-Away has been performing property damage restoration in the Northern Massachusetts area for 25 years.

In addition to emergency cleanup situations, both homeowners and businesses also hire Soil-Away to perform indoor air quality services. We are certified by the IICRC and NADCA for mold remediation, carpet cleaning and air duct cleaning. These services help remove contaminants from your property. When you hire Soil-Away, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Andover, MA recently completed projects

Flooded House Cleanup

– An Andover homeowner noticed that the humidity level was quite high in his basement, despite the 24/7 use of an industrial dehumidifier. Upon Soil-Away’s inspection, it was discovered that just below his water meter, the fittings had become corroded and water was leaking from beneath the meter. The water damage needed immediate attention. Soil-Away technicians were able to provide the flooded house cleanup services needed. The situation was remedied by simply pumping the water out of the basement, and setting up drying equipment to complete the drying process. Within three days, the basement was completely dry.

Had Soil-Away’s technicians not been observant and thorough, the homeowner may never have realized there was a leak and been able to contact the utility company to replace the defective meter.

Smoke Damage Removal

– Occasionally boilers or heating systems misfire and cause what is called a “puff back”. A puff back can send soot throughout your home, covering drapes, bedding, furniture, cabinets, walls, and everything in between. It requires professional cleaning and restoration. This unfortunately happened to an Andover homeowner when they first turned their heat on for the season. Soil-Away was called in to provide smoke damage removal. In their case, the smoke and oily soot was dispersed throughout the entire home, damaging nearly every surface in their three story home. Soil-Away’s technicians were able to clean all of the affected surfaces, including upholstery, walls, ceilings, window treatments and all of their affected clothing and linens. Over the course of approximately 1 week, the home was restored to pre-loss condition.

Mold Remediation

– When water damage isn’t detected right away, and therefore not mitigated quickly, the unseen water damage can unfortunately turn into mold. This is what happened to one client. He discovered he had a slow leak in his second floor bathroom’s pipes. The leak had been going on for an undetermined length of time. He didn’t become aware of it until enough water had leaked into the walls that staining started to appear on the ceiling below. Once he discovered the source of the staining and had a plumber fix the leak, they needed mold remediation inside the walls from the second floor down to the first.

Soil-Away was called in and began the process of removing and disposing of the affected materials. They were then able to clean and treat the remaining structure with an antimicrobial solution and set up equipment that dried out the area. Once entirely dry, Soil-Away removed the equipment and the homeowner was ready for their contractor to come in and replace the removed materials. They were so happy with the professionalism and compassion of Soil-Away’s crew, they called the owner and CEO personally to thank him. They stated they were particularly impressed with the technician’s commitment to cleanliness throughout the entire process.

Carpet Cleaning Services

– Carpet cleaning is not always in the forefront of many homeowner’s minds. Many times it takes a serious spill or pet staining that prompts homeowners to call Soil-Away for professional carpet cleaning services. This was the case for an Andover homeowner back in 2013. She had an incontinent pet that had soiled her living room carpet. After calling us in to clean the carpet, she was so amazed at the post-cleaning condition of the carpet, she requested we come back at a later date and professionally clean the remaining carpets in her home. She has become a loyal Soil-Away customer ever since, having all her carpets cleaned each fall.

HVAC Cleaning

– A couple had recently purchased a new home in Andover and noticed pet hair stuck to their heating registers and became concerned about the condition of their ductwork. Also, not knowing the last time (if ever) the ducts were cleaned, they called on Soil-Away to inspect and provide them a quotation for cleaning their ducts. Soil-Away’s technician was able to provide the homeowners photographs of the inside of the ducts utilizing a boroscope camera, as well as provide them a quotation for cleaning the ducts. Once the HVAC cleaning was complete, the technician was able to show them before and after photos of their ducts. They were so impressed with the duct cleaning, they had the technician add on a cleaning of their dryer vent.

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