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Amesbury, Massachusetts

When in need of 24/7 disaster cleanup services, residents of Amesbury, Massachusetts (MA) call Soil-Away Cleaning & Restoration. For 25 years, Soil-Away has helped families and business recover from flood, fire and mold damage. We are IICRC master-certified and specialize in dealing with insurance claims.

For HVAC duct and carpet cleaning services, members of the Amesbury community choose Soil-Away. We will remove built up contaminants from your carpets and HVAC duct system. Dust and debris are extracted thus improving indoor air quality for your home or business. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Amesbury, MA recently completed projects

Water Damage Cleanup

– An unfortunate homeowner discovered water damage approximately 10 days after a pinhole leak behind their walls. They weren’t aware anything was wrong until they started getting water coming through the ceiling into the living room below. Additional water damage was found behind the walls in the adjoining study. Soil-Away was called to the scene to start the mitigation process. Soil-Away crews completed the cleanup and drying out process within three days. The project was also fully documented, and the entire job cost was billed directly to their insurance company. The homeowners were spared the inconvenience of having to pay anything out-of-pocket, outside their standard deductible. Soil-Away’s relationship with their insurance carrier and claims adjuster made the financial process a non-issue for the homeowner, and allowed them to concentrate on getting their home back to pre-loss condition.

Fire Damage Cleanup

– Soil-Away was contacted directly by a homeowner to mitigate some smoke damage due to a small kitchen fire. As many people do, this particular homeowner stored some of her kitchenware inside her oven, and unfortunately forgot about it when preheating her oven. A plastic cutting board caught fire inside the oven, and caused a surprisingly large amount of smoke damage throughout her entire home. Furniture, draperies, linens, clothing, walls and ceilings were all covered in soot and smoke odor. Soil-Away was able to clean all of the affected areas within the home, as well as clean the furniture, draperies and clothing that were affected. The homeowner was so pleased with Soil-Away’s work, she wrote a note thanking Soil-Away for their compassion and professionalism.

Mold Remediation

– Unexpected water damage is always devastating to homeowners, especially when the moisture problem eventually turns into mold issue. This is unfortunately what happened to an Amesbury family when they had ice dams during the unusually snowy winter of 2014-2015. They, like many other homeowners with ice dams, were unable to get a contractor out to clear their ice dams in a timely fashion. This resulted in unchecked water damage, which eventually became mold damage by the time the ice dams were cleared. On the recommendation of their insurance company, they contacted Soil-Away to mitigate both the water damaged areas as well as to treat and remove the resulting mold. Over the course of a week, Soil-Away was able to completely mitigate their situation, and leave them properly set up for reconstruction.

Carpet Cleaning

– Annual carpet cleaning is a common part of regular home maintenance for many residents in Amesbury. Every spring, many Amesbury residents have Soil-Away in to clean their carpets in order to remove the spots, salt, and sand that accumulated over the course of the winter. One particular family has had Soil-Away clean their entire home every year since 2006. This included their bedrooms, hallways, and stairs. The spots and spills that had accumulated over the prior year were eliminated. Hiring Soil-Away on an annual basis has helped this family extend the life of their carpets.

Air Duct Cleaning

– A homeowner recently had a construction crew in their home replacing insulation. Unfortunately, the contractor failed to close off the heating vents during construction. This led to a significant amount of debris falling into the ducts throughout their home. Realizing their culpability, the contractor reached out to Soil-Away to provide a thorough duct cleaning for their client. Though the contractor was technically our customer, we worked closely with the homeowner to be certain all of their concerns were addressed and their schedule was accommodated. Regardless of who is “paying the bill”, the residents of the homes in which we work are a priority. It is their satisfaction we are concerned with. After all, this is their home. As a result of the resident’s satisfaction, they requested Soil-Away come back, this time as the primary customer, to provide them carpet and upholstery cleaning. Their satisfaction with Soil-Away’s professionalism and thoroughness has led to a recurring relationship.

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