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Wilton, NH

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Wilton, New Hampshire

Soil-Away is contacted anytime there is a need for disaster restoration or cleaning services. The residents of Wilton, NH trust us with their emergency fire and water damage clean up situations. Our technicians are IICRC certified and can assure all your needs are met.

Wilton, NH recently completed projects

Water Damage Cleanup Companies

The temperature had been frigid for several consistent weeks. As a result, a pipe froze and ruptured in a home. This caused significant flooding in the ceiling. The family did not want the water to spread and cause even more damage, so they immediately looked online for a reliable company to take care of the cleanup from the flooding. They called Soil-Away and we were able to dispatch a water damage cleanup crew that day.

Fire Cleaning Companies

A mother had been cooking dinner on the stove when she had to attend to her child in the other room. She was only gone for a few minutes, but a fire quickly escalated up from the pan and caught onto the kitchen cabinets, towels and curtains. Unfortunately the woman did not make it back in time to tame the fire, which caused significant damage. Her insurance agent had recommended Soil-Away to conduct the fire restoration and cleanup in the kitchen.

Professional Mold Cleaners

An old manufacturing building was purchased with the intention of restoring it and turning it into apartments. Upon inspection, the owner found large black mold spots in the attic. Before getting started on any construction, he wanted to get rid of the mold. His contractor recommended Soil-Away to come in and take care of the mold remediation. The professional mold cleaners at Soil-Away were able to complete the large remediation job in just three days.

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