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24 Hour Emergency Services

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Warner, NH

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Warner, New Hampshire

Residents of Warner, NH trust us to conduct any of their disaster restoration or cleaning services. For over 25 years we have been available for 24/7 emergencies. This allows locals to have peace of mind knowing that they have someone to call when a fire or water disaster hits their home or business.

Warner, NH recently completed projects

Water Cleanup Services

Coming home to a flooded basement is not fun. A family had discovered that their shower and washing machine were not draining. It was discovered that the septic tank was full. After calling a septic company to pump the tank, they immediately called us for water damage cleanup. We were able to dispatch an expert crew to their house to extract the water and clean the affected areas. The family was able to relax knowing that Soil-Away would restore the basement to its original state.

Fire and Smoke Damage Clean Up

The child of a local resident found an unattended lighter and began to play with it. This quickly escalated to the child lighting a pile of clothes on fire. The fire did some significant damage to all the rooms on the second floor of the home. Luckily the parents had hired us to clean their air ducts a few years prior, so they were familiar with all that we do. They called us and we were able to restore the house from the smoke and fire damage.

Professional Black Mold Removal

A family found that they needed to buy a new dryer but could not currently afford to purchase one. Considering it was winter, they had been hanging their wet clothes in the closet to try. Several weeks went by and a member of the family noticed large black spots growing on the walls of the closet. The mold was caused by the large amount of moisture that was being released from each batch of clothes that were being washed. In an effort to quickly get rid of the mold, they searched online for a local company to make a visit. We visited the household the next day to perform the remediation services. The job was completed that same day.

Carpet Cleaner

A local real-estate agent had recently put up an ad for available apartment. The tenant was getting ready to move out but was still living there. The agent went to the apartment to inspect it and found the carpets to be extremely dirty with very large stains everywhere. Considering she was beginning to schedule viewings the carpets needed to be professionally cleaned as soon as possible. She had used our services to clean several other apartments before so she immediately called us.

HVAC Duct Cleaner

After finishing a mold remediation job in a basement, Soil-Away crews cleaned the air duct system for the entire house. Considering many houses have their air duct systems located in the basement, it is very easy for mold spores to find their way inside of the ductwork. Soil-Away’s HVAC duct cleaning crews will successfully remove animal hair, dust, mold and other contaminants.

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