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Tilton, NH

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Barrington, New Hampshire

Soil-Away has been servicing the businesses and homeowners of Tilton, NH for over 25 years. Residents know exactly who to call for all of their disaster restoration and cleaning needs. Considering we offer 24/7 emergency services, residents continue to trust us with their business.

Tilton, NH recently completed projects

Water Cleanup Companies

A family learned the hard way that it was time to replace their old supply line to their washing machine when it finally ruptured. They made a trip to the store after putting in a load of laundry. The family returned to find the room flooded. After a quick search online, they found the reliable services of Soil-Away. A certified crew was dispatched later that afternoon and was able to extract the water from the flooded laundry room and surrounding areas.

Fire Restoration Services

A local resident had been smoking a cigarette while watching television after a long day at work. While he was still smoking the resident fell asleep. The lit cigarette proceeded to fall out of his mouth onto a stack of newspapers next to him. The gentlemen awoke after the fire had spread onto several other objects near him. Luckily the fire was extinguished quickly before spreading too far. A neighbor recommended Soil-Away for the much needed fire restoration services. Soil-Away crews were able to take care of the smoke and soot damage throughout the home.

Mold Removal Contractor

Mold was found growing on several sections of drywall in a local residents’ basement. She quickly discovered that this was caused by small water leaks in the pipes. After realizing that it looked like it had been spread for quite some time she panicked and called her friend. A similar situation had happened to her friend and she immediately remembered Soil-Away, who was the mold removal contractor she hired for her home. A certified crew was dispatched the next day and took care of all the mold remediation needs.

Rug Cleaning Service

A business owner with the intentions of making a few renovations purchased an arcade. One major problem that the new owner quickly realized was the terrible condition of the carpets. The entire arcade had rug flooring which was extremely sticky and dirty from food and candy from the concession stand. A call was made to Soil-Away and we now service this location on a monthly routine.

Ductwork Cleaning

A new homeowner found herself constantly needing to do frequent dusting around the house. There would be locations in the household where she would clean and find dust on them the very next day. A friend of hers told her it is due to the fact there is still continuous flow of dust through the air ducts. She was able to find the number for Soil-Away online and schedule a certified crew to come to her house. The ductwork cleaning helped eliminate the dust issue in her home.

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