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Plaistow, New Hampshire

Members of the Plaistow, New Hampshire (NH) community have been turning to Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration for 25 years. If a property is affected by fire, flood or mold damage, the best solution is clear: Soil-Away. We are available 24/7 to help Plaistow families and businesses recover from property disaster.

Soil-Away also boasts one of the highest rated carpet and air duct cleaning services in the area. Plaistow residents trust Soil-Away to remove harmful dust, dander and debris from their home’s carpeting and HVAC duct systems. Both of these services can help improve the indoor air quality of your building.

Plaistow, NH recently completed projects

Flood Repairs

– A significant snow melt and heavy spring rains caused severe flooding in some areas of Plaistow. On one street Soil-Away performed flood repairs at seven different homes. Basements had several inches of water that needed to be extracted. Homeowners lost a lot of their personal belongings from the damage. It was very hard on the neighborhood. Fortunately Soil-Away’s water damage mitigation crews saved their homes’ from additional damages. The flood repairs were made quickly and correctly.

Smoke Damage Cleaning

– Twenty years of accumulated cigarette smoke residue is nothing to ignore. The interior of a small cape was saturated with it. The owners were preparing to sell their home and knew they needed severe smoke damage cleaning if the house would ever have a chance of selling. Soil-Away was contracted to clean and deodorize every square inch of the home. After the deep cleaning and a fresh paint job, the home did not emit a hint of cigarette smoke odor. The home sold in no time.

Certified Mold Removal

– A local handyman discovered mold behind a cabinet during a bathroom renovation. Not qualified for the remediation, he recommend for his customer to contact a certified mold removal company. The customer was familiar with Soil-Away’s services and hired them to cleanup the mold issue. Mold remediation crews removed the affected sheetrock and insulation. This was followed by a thorough cleaning of the entire area and room. Within three days the renovation was back up and running.

Local Carpet Cleaning

– With so many franchises littering the industry, sometimes it can be difficult to find a local carpet cleaning company. Many people prefer to work with local, independent firms as was the case with a certain Plaistow couple. They found Soil-Away through a neighbor who praised their work. Soil-Away was hired to clean three bedrooms, a set of stairs and a living room. In addition, the living room needed some pet deodorization. The cleaning exceeded their expectations and they were proud to have supported a local, family-owned company.

Expert Air Duct Cleaner

– For medical reasons, one family was required to do a full cleaning of their house. The daughter was returning from the hospital after a two-month struggle with illness. She needed to live in the cleanest environment possible during her recovery. The parents hired Soil-Away as the expert air duct cleaner to ensure dust and pollutants were removed from the home’s HVAC ventilation system. The work was completed just in time for her arrival back home.

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