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New Castle, NH

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New Castle, New Hampshire

The community of New Castle, New Hampshire (NH) trusts Soil-Away when in need of emergency disaster cleanup services. Whether it is flood, fire or smoke damage, Soil-Away is there to answer the call 24/7. New Castle homeowners have full confidence in calling Soil-Away because of their 25+ years in the cleaning and restoration industry. Experience, reputation and a commitment to excellence makes Soil-Away the right choice for New Castle, NH.

In addition to emergency services, Soil-Away also provides high-end carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning and mold remediation services. New Castle clients who want to work with the best look no further than Soil-Away. We are IICRC master-certified and fully insured. For examples of recent cleaning and restoration projects in New Castle, NH please read below.

New Castle, NH recently completed projects

Water Damaged House Repair

– One weekend of subzero temperatures caused pipes to freeze and burst in several New Castle homes. Neighbors in the small community were desperately trying to find a reliable contractor for water damage house repairs. Soil-Away answered the call. Three different Soil-Away restoration crews spent a week just in New Castle mitigating water damage in flooded properties. Water was extracted, damaged building materials were carefully removed and the structures were thoroughly dried. Soil-Away helped managed the insurance claim to minimize stress on the homeowners.

Soot Damage Cleanup

– A clogged fireplace created a huge mess. A hazy smoke filled the main living room. It crept into the kitchen and dining room. After evacuating the smoke by opening windows, the homeowners were devastated to see their belongings covered in soot. Soot covered their walls, floors, furniture and everything in between. It was a mess that needed professional attention. They called their insurance agent to file a claim. They also obtained the contact information for Soil-Away. Soot damage cleanup crews arrived the very same day to start the process. The quick response and competent service went well beyond the homeowner’s expectations. The soot damage was soon a memory.

Professional Mold Removal

– A family was planning to make energy efficiency upgrades to their 1800’s home. During the energy audit, mold was discovered in the attic. Before the new insulation could be added to the space, professional mold removal services needed to take place. Soil-Away was hired to remediate the mold. Crews utilized dry-ice blasting and HEPA vacuuming to clean up the attic. All the work was completed in under a week and did not delay the energy efficiency upgrades scheduled by the insulation contractor.

Carpet Cleaning Service

– A couple was preparing to sell their New Castle home. One of the realtor’s suggestions was to hire a carpet cleaning service to freshen up all the carpets in the home. A clean home obviously shows better to prospective buyers. The couple contacted Soil-Away to schedule the work. The carpet cleaning technician arrived on time the following day. The work was exceptional. The couple had not realized how dirty the carpets had become over time. Even though they maintained a very clean home, professional cleaning still made a drastic difference.

Duct Cleaning

– Air duct cleaning is an important service to have performed because it helps with indoor air quality and HVAC system efficiency. One New Castle family recently learned this fact and sought to hire a certified duct cleaning contractor. They searched the NADCA website and found a few options. They called three companies to obtain quotes. After their research, they felt most comfortable with Soil-Away. Soil-Away air duct cleaning crews worked tirelessly to restore their ventilation system to a clean state.

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