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Milford, New Hampshire

Milford, New Hampshire (NH) residents deserve the best service following a property disaster at their home or business. This is why members of the Milford community rely on Soil-Away Cleaning & Restoration for reliable 24/7 response. They are a leading contractor for flood, fire and mold damage cleanup projects. Soil-Away is NH’s only combined IICRC master certified, Esporta certified and NADCA certified restoration firm.

For 25 years Soil-Away has regularly served the community of Milford. In addition to emergency damage restoration, the company also focuses on providing indoor air quality solutions. Soil-Away offers certified HVAC air duct and carpet cleaning. These services help to improve the cleanliness and health of your environment.

Milford, NH recently completed projects

Water Damage Cleanup

– An extended period of deep-freeze temperatures was starting to take its toll on southern NH properties. One multifamily property in Milford had a frozen pipe in the second floor apartment. This led to significant water damage in two different units. Soil-Away was called in for an emergency water damage cleanup. Parts of the home had collapsing ceilings and walls which needed to be removed. Soil-Away water damage mitigation crews had the messy scene under control within a couple hours. By using commercial dehumidifiers and air movers, the entire structure was dry in three days.

Soot and Smoke Cleanup

– A wood-burning stove malfunctioned in the basement of an early 1900’s home in historic Milford. Fortunately the flames were extinguished relatively quickly minimizing structural damage. Unfortunately soot and smoke had affected much of the interior. The property needed thorough soot and smoke cleanup. We were hired for the job. Working very methodically we went through the entire home ensuring to remove every possible trace of soot damage and smoke odor. The process took an entire week, but the homeowners were thrilled with the results.

Black Mold Remediation

– A home off of Union Street was going through a kitchen renovation. When the old cabinets and countertops were removed it exposed an unpleasant surprise. Widespread mold growth was found on the walls and floors. An undetected plumbing leak had cause hidden moisture issues. The remodeling was put on hold until black mold remediation services could be completed. Soil-Away was called in immediately to solve the problem. The service was performed efficiently and helped get the remodeling project back on schedule.

Rug Cleaner

– A well-known medical practitioner’s office insisted on maintaining an immaculate office. They had a reputation of excellence to upkeep. Working with a professional rug cleaner was a part of their game-plan. Soil-Away was contracted to clean the carpet in the waiting rooms, offices and hallways every six weeks. Patients and employees always appreciated the cleanliness of the facility.

Air Duct Cleaners

– HVAC registers in a downtown Milford restaurant were looking dark and dirty. One patron mentioned something to the manager. This complaint escalated quickly to the building owner. He immediately arranged for air duct cleaners to take care of the entire HVAC system. Soil-Away was awarded the contract to clean the ductwork, including the dusty registers. Heavy amounts of dirt, debris and dust were removed from the building’s ventilation system. Not only did the registers now look great, but the air quality improved as well. The restaurant patron returned weeks later and praised the manager.

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