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Hollis, New Hampshire

Members of the Hollis, New Hampshire (NH) community deserve the best treatment after their home or business has been struck by disaster. This is why for 24/7 property damage emergencies, Hollis residents call Soil-Away Cleaning & Restoration. Soil-Away offers top tier service for flood, fire and mold damage cleanup projects. Soil-Away is NH’s only combined IICRC master certified, Esporta certified and NADCA certified restoration contractor.

For 25 years Soil-Away has continuously served the residents of Hollis. In addition to property damage restoration, the company also specializes in mold remediation. These services help to improve the indoor air quality of your environment. In an effort to ensure complete client satisfaction, Soil-Away technicians maintain both IICRC and NADCA certifications.

Hollis, NH recently completed projects

Water Damage Clean Up

– A busy Hollis mother wanted to take a quick nap after putting in her forth load of laundry of the day. When she awoke, she was shocked to discover water throughout the house. The supply line for the washing machine broke. Water that should have been filling the washing machine was filling the house. Her home was flooded. It was a mess. She called her neighbor who referred Soil-Away for the water damage clean up. Our water damage mitigation crews were onsite within an hour extracting water and drying the structure.

Smoke Odor Removal

– A young couple was preparing to purchase their first home. It was a bargain in the Hollis community. The reason for the low price was because the previous owners were heavy smokers and occupied the house for over twenty years. Most buyers were turned off by the need to invest in heavy smoke odor removal services. This young couple was not deterred and contracted with us to remove the cigarette smoke odor from the property. Two days of heavy and detailed cleaning removed the built up smoke damage from the structure. This was followed by ozone treatment. When the job was done the couple was left with a completely deodorized home they were happy to occupy.

Black Mold Inspection

– An independent industrial hygienist was brought in to conduct a black mold inspection at a high-end home. The test results revealed significantly high mold spore counts in the basement. Following this startling conclusion, Soil-Away was hired to remediate the mold problem. Using the hygienist’s report and scope, our crews thoroughly cleaned home. Using HEPA vacuums and antimicrobial cleaners, we touched every surface to ensure the home was brought back to safe conditions. After the remediation process the hygienist re-tested the home. It passed, bringing great relief to our client.

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