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Gilford, New Hampshire

Members of the great community of Gilford, New Hampshire (NH) know who to call when in need of emergency disaster cleanup. Soil-Away specializes in restoration services dealing with floods, fires and mold damage. Soil-Away has been proud of its reputation for excellence for over 25 years. Soil-Away is available 24/7 to help your family or business recover from property disaster.

Soil-Away is also committed to helping your Gilford property stay clean and healthy. Certified carpet cleaning and air duct cleaning services will remove unwanted dirt and debris from the home. These services help with aesthetics and indoor air quality. Soil-Away is IICRC and NADCA certified. To learn more about recent Gilford projects, please read the example below.

Gilford, NH recently completed projects

Basement Flood Cleanup

– A sump-pump failed during the peak of a spring rain storm. The normally dry basement was now taking on water at a rapid pace. The homeowners could not get their hands on a replacement sump-pump. They needed basement flood cleanup services fast. The water damage mitigation team at Soil-Away was ready to answer the call. Emergency crews arrived the same day to pump out the basement. The basement was fully cleaned and dried. The Soil-Away crew even helped the customer locate a replacement sump-pump.

Puff Back Cleaning

– The owner of a Lake Winnipesaukee vacation home had never heard of an oil furnace puff back before. Unfortunately he was learning the hard way. His insurance adjuster told him he needed professional puff back cleaning services. The layer of soot covering everything in his home was caused from the oil furnace malfunctioning. He called the fire and smoke damage restoration experts at Soil-Away to help out. Soil-Away crews cleaned the entire home from top-to-bottom. When the service was done there was not a single trace of soot damage.

Mold Removal Services

– Somewhere between mid-March and Memorial Day is a stretch of time that many vacationers neglect to visit their Gilford vacation homes. They ski in the winter and boat in the summer. The spring is not typically conducive to either. One vacation home had a roof leak that developed over the winter. It turned into water damage in the spring which resulted in mold damage. The Gilford homeowners hired Soil-Away’s mold removal services to clean up the mess. The mold remediation crew contained off the affected area. Affected materials such as drywall and insulation were removed. The remaining structure was cleaned and treated. The family was able to safely enjoy the summer months without the concern of mold contamination.

Carpet Cleaning Services

– One seasonal motel in Gilford needed to refresh the carpets in their guest rooms. Twenty-five rooms were closed up for the winter. Part of the spring cleaning process was to bring in the professional carpet cleaning services of Soil-Away. Soil-Away’s crews navigated each room paying attention to every detail. They cleaned traffic areas, corners, edges and under furniture. The carpets in each guest room were sanitized and deodorized. The place was ready for the sold out summer vacation season!

Air Duct Cleaners

– Fire damage to a home caused soot damage throughout. This included the HVAC system. The interior of the air ducts needed cleaning from the soot. Fortunately the fire damage restoration team at Soil-Away is a one-stop-shop when it comes to cleaning. Air duct cleaners from the Soil-Away crew took care of all the issue on the last day of the project. Any residual soot and debris in the HVAC system was effectively removed during the air duct cleaning process.

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