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Fremont, NH

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Fremont, NH

If a catastrophic event, such as a fire or flood, hits your Fremont, NH residence help is only a phone call away. Soil-Away provides fire and flood clean-up and restoration services to the area 24/7, 365 days a year. While no homeowner wants this kind of disaster to strike them, it is invaluable knowing that someone will have your back if it ever does. Just a phone call away, Soil-Away’s trained team knows that time is of the essence in these situations.

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Water Damage Company

When water has flooded your home, the damage left behind can be extensive and costly. In many cases, much of the damage to the structure of the building itself can go unseen, causing even more damage over time. To prevent this, homeowners whose residences have seen extensive flooding should seek a water damage company skilled in returning your home to its previous condition. Soil-Away’s professionals will remove all of the moisture quickly, preventing any further damage to the home.

Fire Cleaning Service

A fire in the home can be devastating to homeowners, and for many the aftermath and cleanup process is overwhelming. From damage to the home and your belongings as a result of fire and smoke, the clean-up process can feel daunting for anyone. Hiring a fire cleaning service, like Soil-Away, to assist with this can go a long way to restoring your life and your home.

Mold Detection Services

Just the word “mold” is enough to strike fear in the heart of any homeowner. Some mold can be toxic and potentially harmful to personal health. Because of this it is so important to employ professional mold remediation services at the first sign. Soil-Away’s trained mold professionals can skillfully remove excessive and unwanted mold. It is done in such a way that will prevent any cross-contamination in the residence keeping everyone safe.

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