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Exeter, New Hampshire

Soil-Away Cleaning & Restoration Services is Exeter, New Hampshire’s (NH) preferred contractor for fire, soot, and flood damage cleanup. For twenty-five years, we have served the local residents and businesses when they have been in need of emergency property damage cleanup. Soil-Away is there 24/7 for the entire community of Exeter.

Soil-Away also prides itself in delivering indoor air quality solutions for Exeter customers. Our team of certified mold remediation technicians, carpet cleaners, and air duct cleaning crews help provide cleaner indoor environments.

Exeter, NH recently completed projects

Water Damage Cleanup

– A husband threw in a quick load of laundry and then left the house. Shortly after he left, the supply line for the washing machine split. Hot water was pouring into the house for the entire two hours he was gone. Upon his return he discovered two floors of his house saturated and steamy from the hot water. His father referred Soil-Away for the water damage cleanup. The cleanup crews were onsite within an hour extracting water and drying the structure.

Smoke Odor Removal

– Every ceiling, wall, floor, appliance, and fixture reeked of cigarette smoke odor. The residential home had the same occupants for nineteen years. They were heavy smokers. The young couple purchasing the home got it at a steal because of the amount of work needed. High on the couple’s priority list was the smoke odor removal. Soil-Away was hired to clean and deodorize the entire property. The project was completed in three days to the total satisfaction of the couple.

Mold Removal Contractor

– A historic downtown Exeter property was under renovation. The store-front, commercial structure was going to be a high-end clothing boutique. High levels of mold in the back storage area were discovered during the construction. Not wanting to add delays to the project, the owner called in Soil-Away as the mold removal contractor. Within two days, the mold was successfully remediated. There were no overall delays to the renovation project timeline.

Carpet Cleaning Companies

– A 3,400 square foot Exeter estate was going to host a large political fundraiser. Over seventy-five important guests were expected to attend and meet the hopeful candidate. The housekeeping staff had a long list of carpet cleaning companies, but they know they needed the best for this occasion. Soil-Away was brought in prior to the event to clean all the carpets on the first and second floors of the host home. Everything looked great for the party.

Air Duct Cleaners

– Soil-Away had just finished cleaning the entire church due to an oil furnace puff back. Just days earlier, an oily layer of soot had covered everything throughout the building. This was all but history thanks to Soil-Away. The final stage of the project required Soil-Away to bring in their air duct cleaners. They extracted the remaining soot from the HVAC ducting system. This also helped with the indoor air quality of the building.

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