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Epsom, New Hampshire

For flood, fire and smoke damage, Epsom, New Hampshire (NH) citizens turn to one source for solutions: Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration. Soil-Away responds 24/7 to emergency disaster cleanup situations. Since 1990, we have served as south/central NH’s premier property damage restoration expert. We specialize in insurance claim processing and work with all national and local insurance companies.

Epsom residents also trust Soil-Away to help with indoor air quality. Whether it is carpet cleaning, air duct cleaning or mold remediation – Soil-Away has certified technicians to clean your home or office. We are certified and educated by firms such as the IICRC and NADCA. This ensures our team will deliver the best possible cleaning results for you. To learn more about our cleaning and restoration work within the town of Epsom, please read examples of our projects below.

Epsom, NH recently completed projects

Flood Damage Restoration

– A harsh winter pounded the south/central NH area. The ensuing spring piled on inches of rainfall. This combination resulted in many properties sustaining water damage. Soil-Away was hired by dozens of Epsom homeowners for flood damage restoration services. Soil-Away crews cleaned and dried basement after basement. On each individual project they worked hard to ensure complete satisfaction of the client. The spring floods were frustrating for many people, but the families who hired Soil-Away recovered significantly faster.

Emergency Fire Damage Cleanup

– Preparations for a Super Bowl party quickly turned south when a grease fire erupted in the kitchen. A couple was preparing a dish to bring to a friend’s house when their stovetop ignited in flames. Injuries were avoided, but emergency fire damage cleanup services were needed immediately for the home off of Black Hall Road. Despite being a weekend, the professional fire restoration crews at Soil-Away responded to the call. Within a short time period, the fire and smoke damage was being cleaned from their home.

Mold Testing

– As many people do, one woman called our office seeking mold testing for her home. Soil-Away specializes in mold remediation, but does not get involved with testing because it is a conflict of interest to do both. We provided options for independent party testing and advised her to reach back out to us if the suspected mold problem needed a resolution. Two weeks later the woman from Epsom called us back. The testing confirmed a mold problem throughout her basement. She hired us to follow the scope developed by the mold testing company. After three hard days of work, our remediation services proved to be successful. Soil-Away’s services had returned her basement to a healthy state.

Carpet Cleaners

– One family off of North Road was looking to have their carpets cleaned before the holidays. They were hosting several parties and wanted their place in top shape. They called four different carpet cleaners to schedule the service. The first company never picked up the phone. The second company had only one truck which was in the shop. The third company did not service Epsom. Finally they dialed Soil-Away. They were immediately greeted by the friendly office manager. The carpet cleaning was easily scheduled. The service was affordable and the technicians did a great job!

Air Ducts Cleaning

– Finding the right air duct cleaning company for your home or business can be a challenge. You want one that is NADCA certified, fully insured and properly equipped to do the job right. One Epsom resident was pleasantly surprised to find all three qualifications when doing an online search for “air ducts cleaning.” Soil-Away’s information was at the top of the page. Soil-Away’s crew cleaned their entire HVAC ducting system removing years of accumulated dust, dander and debris. This drastically improved the indoor air quality.

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