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Members of the Deerfield, New Hampshire community needing flood, fire and mold damage clean up call Soil-Away Cleaning and Restoration. The company is quick to respond to disaster restoration needs and is available 24/7. Deerfield residents appreciate Soil-Away’s 25+ year reputation of excellence and know that they can trust the company to help them recover from property disaster quickly.

Soil-Away also specializes in helping Deerfield residents maintain a clean and healthy indoor environment. The company offers IICRC certified carpet cleaning and NADCA certified air duct cleaning services. Both services help clients improve the indoor air quality of their properties.

Deerfield, NH recently completed projects

Flood Repairs

– Weeks of heavy rainfall resulted in widespread flooding throughout southern New Hampshire. Sump pumps worked overtime to try and keep up with the rising water table. Many basements in the town of Deerfield flooded. Soil-Away was called out to several residents to make flood repairs to water damaged homes. Soil-Away setup pumps and used extraction trucks to empty basements. They cleaned and restored basement after basement from the effects of the flooding. Dozens of families were grateful for the help and services of Soil-Away.

Fire Damage Cleaning

– No one wants to have a fire at their home, but if disaster strikes it is crucial to have a trusted partner by your side. One family recently had this situation unfold at their home. They had a cooking fire and their property required fire damage cleaning. Unfortunately, they hired a franchise restoration company from a television ad. The family did not do their homework on the company or seek a referral. The service they received was deplorable. Long-story-short, they had to hire another company to re-clean and deodorize the home. The second company was Soil-Away and fortunately Soil-Away was able to successfully clean and restore the home from the fire and smoke damage.

Mold Inspection

– A vacant Deerfield property was just purchased via auction by a real estate investor. The plan was to renovate and flip the property. Since the house was in disrepair and was vacant for over a year, the investor had a mold inspection done for safety. Mold was discovered, but only in the attic. Soil-Away was brought in by the investor to do the mold remediation in the affected space. Soil-Away crews used dry-ice blasting and HEPA vacuuming to eliminate the problem. Post-testing by the mold inspection company confirmed all remediation efforts were completed correctly. The investor could continue the renovation and flip the house with confidence that there were no more mold issues.

Carpet Cleaning Expert

– Finding the right carpet cleaning expert can be a challenge. There is a sea of carpet cleaners out there and sifting through them to find the right one can be daunting. Do you select on price? Do you choose one based off of cleaning method? The best advise it to look at three things: company reputation, length of time in business and certifications. Weed out the companies you know little about or cannot provide reputable references. Hire someone with a history of success along with the credentials and tools to do the job right.

Air Duct Cleaning Company

– Whenever moving into a property with forced hot-air, it is advised to hire a certified air duct cleaning company to clean the vents. HVAC systems can build up dust, dander and debris. These contaminants are circulated throughout your home. One Deerfield couple was shocked by the dirt pulled from their air ducts after Soil-Away cleaned it. They slept better knowing the air circulating in their home was that much cleaner!

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