When in need of emergency fire and water damage cleanup services, the Bedford, New Hampshire (NH) community turns to Soil-Away Cleaning & Restoration Services. Bedford residents and businesses have trusted Soil-Away for twenty-five years. Soil-Away delivers premier 24/7 emergency property damage cleanup services for the entire town of Bedford.

Bedford residents also look to Soil-Away to provide indoor air quality solutions. Soil-Away’s certified team of mold remediation technicians, air duct cleaning crews and carpet cleaners deliver the highest level of service in the area.

Bedford, NH recently completed projects

Water Extraction Services

– High winds from a storm had caused roof damage to a local retail business on Route 101. Rain had penetrated the building and caused the show room to flood. Immediate water extraction services were needed. Soil-Away coordinated the emergency tarping of the roof and simultaneously extracted the excess water from the carpets and floors. The showroom was dried and cleaned from the damages. The store was reopened before their big holiday sale.

Emergency Fire Damage Cleanup

– An electrical malfunction in an attic caught the upper level of the house on fire. The house off of New Boston Road needed emergency fire damage cleanup. The second floor of the home had severe fire and smoke damage. The first floor and basement had sustained heavy water damage from the fire department. Three Soil-Away crews arrived after being called in by the homeowner. A week of demolition, cleaning and drying had the structure ready for rebuild.

Professional Mold Removal

– Mold discovered in the attic during the home inspection was the final hurdle to overcome before the sale could be completed. The buyers did not want just anyone doing the mold remediation. They wanted it done right. Soil-Away’s professional mold removal services was contracted to perform the work. Utilizing dry-ice blasting and HEPA vacuuming, Soil-Away successfully remediated the mold from the attic space. The real estate transaction was completed.

Carpet Cleaning Services

– With dozens of carpet cleaning services to choose from, the Bedford couple did not know where to turn. It was their first time bringing a carpet cleaner into their home. They wanted a family owned and operated company. They also preferred to work with independent firms as opposed to a national chain or franchise. These requirements led them to Soil-Away. It also helped that Soil-Away has been serving Bedford for twenty-five years.

Duct Cleaning Company

– One of the most important requirements when choosing a duct cleaning company is to make sure they hold proper certifications. Make sure to look for certifications from NADCA before hiring an air ducting cleaning company. This advice helped one family living off of Wallace Road. They nearly hired a company because of a deep discount mailer coupon. Upon further research the company did not have a good reputation. Through the NADCA website they found Soil-Away and were extremely happy with their services.

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