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How Can I Get Rid of Smoke Odor from My Property?

Written by jsolloway on May 22, 2020 Posted in Blog, Fire, Smoke, & Odor Damage

After a fire, it can be a challenge to remove underlying smoke odors from the carpet, furniture and even walls.  It is important to ventilate the area as much as possible, opening doors and windows.  Fans directed to exhaust the air outdoors will also help to speed up the process.  A deep cleaning of the entire home, including washing the walls, flooring and upholstery will go a long way to removing any lingering smoke odors. Ventilate the Room to Remove Smoke Odors Opening all doors and windows can exhaust the stale air that is further exacerbating the lingering odor.  Strategically…

COVID-19 Building Commercial Cleaning and Maintenance Needs

Written by jsolloway on May 12, 2020 Posted in Blog, COVID-19

Whether your business has been fully functional throughout the COVID-19 pandemic or you are preparing to re-open, you need to think about a plan for cleaning and disinfecting your building. Proper cleaning and facility upkeep should be a part of everyone’s ongoing safety plan to minimize risk exposure to building occupants. According to the CDC, “Normal routine cleaning…lowers the risk of spreading COVID-19 infection.” Why is cleaning important in the fight against Coronavirus? The physical benefits – The CDC states that, “The virus that causes COVID-19 can be killed if you use the right products.” The right process is also…

Flood Damage at a Business

Written by jsolloway on May 8, 2020 Posted in Blog, Water Damage

A flood can devastate a business, from the extensive structural damage to the loss of sales.  In the event of a flood, whether from a burst pipe or an act of nature, it is important that you evacuate the area and shut off the power immediately.  After identifying and shutting down the source of the flood, you can begin the process of removing the water and assessing the damage to your property and its contents. With a Flood, Time is Critical A quick response is important to prevent more extensive damage in the event of a flood at your business. …

Fighting Coronavirus: The Case for a Facility Pre-Disaster Plan

Written by jsolloway on May 5, 2020 Posted in Blog, COVID-19

Too many businesses are scrambling right now. They are scrambling to find the right vendors, experts, and solutions to support their operation and keep it going. The businesses who did not have the right disaster response partners and processes in place ahead of time are feeling the most pain. A pre-disaster facility plan is making a big difference right now for the organizations who have them. Whether you are combating the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in the current moment or just looking to improve the long-term wellbeing of your company, you need to consider creating a facility pre-disaster plan. Why is…

Can My Clothes Be Cleaned After a Fire?

Written by jsolloway on May 1, 2020 Posted in Blog, Chimney soot and fires, Fire, Smoke, & Odor Damage

Clothing and other soft contents, such as stuffed animals, can be cleaned after a fire’s smoke and soot have damaged them.  Using patented technology, the Esporta iS4000 Wash System is able to not only remove any debris and odors, but it can also sanitize the items.  This process ensures that soft contents are safe to be on your body after a fire, removing the underlying bacteria and grime. Soft Contents Cleaning Restores Clothing Damaged by Smoke and Soot A fire in the home can have a significant impact on your life, leaving you feeling lost and uncertain.  One of the…

How to Hire the Right Company for Coronavirus (COVID-19) Deep Cleaning

Written by jsolloway on April 27, 2020 Posted in Blog, COVID-19

Business and community leaders have a lot of pressure on them right now. Dealing with the COVID-19 crisis has been a strain on everything from finances, HR, logistics and beyond. During these challenging times it is important that we have expert resources that we can rely on. This even includes the cleaning industry which seems more important than ever right now. This blog is to help business and community leaders figure out how to hire the right company for coronavirus (COVID-19) deep cleaning at their facilities. Buyer beware when hiring any old company for cleaning coronavirus The motivation for this…

COVID-19: Ready to Reopen?

Written by jsolloway on April 21, 2020 Posted in Blog, COVID-19

Asking the Right Questions Before Re-Entry You can feel the anxiety building in our culture as we seek to reopen our economy and society. The next chapter in the coronavirus struggle is figuring out how and when to re-occupy our buildings safely. Local business leaders are seeking solutions on the best way to do this. When it comes to cleaning and disinfecting your facility, there are several things to consider. This blog is to serve as a guide to asking the right questions as you prepare to reopen. Questions about your facility What is the status of my building? You…

Cleaning a Sewer Backup

Written by jsolloway on April 17, 2020 Posted in Blog, Water Damage

In the event of a sewage backup in your home or business, it is important to evacuate all people and pets from the area.  Personal safety has to be prioritized if contaminated water is leaking into your property.  Sewage backups often come with copious amounts of bacteria that can be harmful if not cleaned up properly, so it is important to contact a restoration professional for help in the event of a major spill. For All Sewage Spills, Use Caution During the Cleanup Process For large sewage spills, the area should be cleared and a professional contacted to handle the…

How to Protect a Vacant Building During COVID-19

Written by jsolloway on April 14, 2020 Posted in Blog, COVID-19, Fire, Smoke, & Odor Damage, Water Damage

Managing commercial properties during the COVID-19 crisis is a challenge. Buildings from schools to offices to churches currently sit empty. A vacant property is vulnerable to theft, vandalism and property damage. The challenge with a vacant building is that any damage can go overlooked for an extended period of time. All commercial building managers must take extra precautions to protect their real estate assets. Thinking of things such as security, inspection processes, utility management and grounds maintenance will go a long way in preventing unnecessary property damage during the COVID-19 crisis. Ensure that the Building Does Not Look Vacant A…

The Best Disinfectants to Use Against Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Written by jsolloway on April 10, 2020 Posted in Blog, COVID-19

Many people are calling our office (603-641-6555) with questions about how to deal with the coronavirus as it pertains to cleaning and disinfecting their facility. A good portion of the conversation typically revolves around the cleaning process and the disinfectant products used. This article focuses on what disinfectant products should be used against coronavirus (COVID-19) during this current epidemic. Cleaning versus Disinfecting Before discussing specifics about the best disinfectant products to use against coronavirus, it is important to first define two key terms: cleaning and disinfecting. While both terms are commonly interchangeable in our daily vernacular, they have drastically different…

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